REINSPIRA’17: First International Conference on Religious Marketing


On April 21-22 2017 the province of Hispania (Spain) is organizing the First International Conference on Religious Marketing. This conference fills a gap that was felt in the Church and mixes 3 passions: Creativity + Marketing + Church to create the first Congress of Religious Marketing.

To preach the gospel is the mission for which the Order was founded and it is important to think about how to communicate and connect with the world. In order to conduct the mission, Saint Dominic had friars, nuns and laypeople at his disposal from the very beginning. Studying the Gospel and finding suitable ways to share it with the World is an essential part of our vocation. Throughout our history, we have looked for the best way of using words, images, art etc. in preaching. How can marketing help us to carry out this mission?

Using marketing techniques for preaching the Gospel can be questioned. Clearly, the corresponding marketing and communication strategies should be in line with the content of the message to be shared: Jesus preached using parables and provocative gestures – sometimes in order to improve the way he shared God’s message – such as sitting down at the table with those who had been rejected by society. This conference will allow us to see the aspects that religious marketing has in common with other types of marketing and the aspects that may be specific to it.

Carlos Luna, Lay Dominican of the fraternity of Atocha (Madrid) and marketing professional and university professor in this discipline, is responsible for the organization of the conference.

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(28 March 2017)