Religious Profession and Vestition of Novices in Hong Kong

Religious Profession and Vestition of Novices in Hong Kong

On the 1st of July, 2016, at 10:30 in the morning, the first profession of the six novices, who had completed their novitiate, took place at the Chapel of Rosaryhill School, in Hong Kong. Their names: Bro. John Bosco, Bro. Richard Htoo, Bro. Gabriel, Bro. Justin Saw Kaung Hbown Mynt, Bro. Fermin Saw Simon Htoo (the five from Myanmar) and  Bro. Augusto Carmona (from East Timor).

First Profession

The ceremony took place during the solemn concelebrated Mass that was presided by Fr. Hyacinth He, Prior of St. Albert Priory and Vicar of the Prior Provincial of the Province of Our Lady of the Rosary with the assistance of the friars of S. Albert Priory of Hong Kong, St. Joseph’s House of Kowloon Tong, and St. Dominic’s Convent of Macau.

In the same celebration, at the end of the Mass, a group of eleven postulants were clothed with the Dominican habit and started their novitiate: John Kim Sum Yeong (Korea); four from China: John Wangjian Jun, Carlos Hao Zhi Jie, Basil Wang Gao Meng, and Juan Baotista Luo Qing Feng; three from Myanmar: Paul Htoi Hkawng, Gabriel Khun Ri and Luigi Yu Reh; and three from East Timor: Benedito De Jesús, Francisco Sufa y Alarico Matus.

Vestition New Novices

It was a joyful occasion of thanksgiving to God who continues bestowing on us new vocations for the Province and for the Order. It was also an opportunity to give thanks to the Masters of Novices who was able to see some fruits to his dedication to the formation of these young people. Congratulations to all the friars of the community of St. Albert Priory that are contributing in the formation of the new vocations to the Dominican Order. We request your prayers for the perseverance of the newly professed brothers and novices.

fr E Perez, op 


(4 June 2016)