The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ And Renewal Of Creation

The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ And Renewal Of Creation

From annihilation to renewal: How the resurrection of the Jesus Christ changed the fate of the universe.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is sui generis. An event anticipated before the Incarnation. This unique event has implications that cut across both time and eternity. It addresses the despair of humanity in the face of apparent triumph of evil over good. More so, the fear of death which ushers in a finality that is unknown places a shackle on the human person who looks forward to happiness and continuity of existence. The fate of creation is also embedded in this one event. In the mystery of the incarnation, Jesus Christ took humanity, a reprehensive and climax of God’s good creation, so that in his resurrection, he redeemed creation from decay. Jesus’ resurrection is not aimed at annihilating God’s good creation but re-create the universe to the original plan of God.

Okechukwu Paulinus Onyenuru is a Dominican Friar from Nigeria. He holds a B.Sc degree in Microbiology from Lagos State University, B.A in Philosophy from UI and B.Th in Theology from Angelicum, Rome.

His book which hinges the renewal of creation on the resurrection of Jesus Christ is another voice in the area of Theology of Hope.

By (author) :  Okechukwu P. Onyenuru
Number of pages: 108
Published on: 2017-08-14
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ISBN-13: 978-620-2-00884-6
ISBN-10: 6202008849
EAN: 9786202008846
Book language: English
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(25 October 2017)