Seven novices from Africa receive the Dominican habit in Seville

Seven novices from Africa receive the Dominican habit in Seville

On Sunday, the 1st of November 2015, the Solemnity of All Saints, nine novices, of whom seven Africans, received the Dominican habit in Seville, Spain. Originating from several countries, the nine novices belong to three different Provinces of the Order. Three are from the province of Spain: brother Carlos Avila Martinez (from Argentina) and brothers Salvador Recoba Raso and  Jesus Ngema Ndong Bindang (from Equatorial Guinea, Africa, the new foundation of Malabo). Brother Nestor Ruben Morales Gutierrez (from Cuba) belongs to the province of Betica. The other five brothers : Antonio Paulo Manuel, Mariano Dinha Domingos, Inacio Kambambi Katchilingi, Lazaro Santos Estevao Sandala and Tomas Chissambo Luis, from Angola (Provincial Vicariate of Angola), are sons of the province of Portugal.

The vestition ceremony took place during the Eucharistic celebration presided by brother Miguel de Burgos, Prior Provincial of Betica, in the Church of Saint Thomas Aquinas Convent of Seville. It was attended by the provincials of Spain, Aragon, Portugal and the Vicar of the Vicariate of Spain of the Province of the Holy Rosary. Also present was brother Miguel Angel del Rio, Socius of the Master of the Order for the Iberian Peninsula, Italy and Malta. The novices received the habit of the Order from their respective Provincial. After their novitiate, the brothers will return to their respective entities for institutional studies.

Let us pray for these young people who are committed to follow Christ in the Order of Preachers which is celebrating the Jubilee of the 800 years of its confirmation by Pope Honorius III in 1216. Let us pray also for the Inter-Africa (IAOP), which celebrates 40 years of its existence, since the first meeting of the Dominicans living in sub-Saharan Africa which took place in April 1976 in Ibadan, Nigeria, from the initiative of Brother Vincent de Couesnongle, then Master of the Order of Preachers. Let us also keep in our prayers, the Mini-summit of IAOP to be held in December in Luanda, Angola to assess the implementation of the decisions of the 12th General Assembly of the IAOP held in Nairobi, Kenya, in July 2014. Among other the issues, are the inter-African common novitiates.

Fr. Gabriel Samba, op 


(26 November 2015)