Spem Miram Internationalis : The organization responsible for the Solidarity of the Order

Spem Miram Internationalis : The organization responsible for the Solidarity of the Order

In accordance with the commission of the General Chapter of Roma 2010, the Master of the Order, fr Bruno Cadoré established Spem Miram Internationalis (SMI) as the organization responsible for the solidarity of the Order. He delegates to this organization the management of all the Solidarity Funds for the Order. 

The History

SMI is an organization for solidarity for the Order that supports and advances the charism entrusted to St. Dominic and his followers to give themselves to “the proclamation of the Word of God, preaching the name of our Lord Jesus Christ throughout the world (Pope Innocent III).”

From its earliest days, the Order of Preachers relied on the collaboration of many generous people who gave a home to the earliest Dominicans and offered a variety of resources to strengthen their life and mission - ‘holy preaching’.  For nearly 800 years, this fundamental formula continues to bear much fruit.

SMI, though a newly named organization, continues the tradition of offering financial support for scholarships, programs and projects that are rooted in the values of the Order: preaching, education, human development, and advocacy for human rights. 

The Name

The name, Spem Miram Internationalis, comes from the ancient hymn to St. Dominic, the “O, spem miram”.  It is a hymn about hope in the midst of grief. The intercession of St. Dominic is sought in the hymn in response to his last words before his death in which he promised to continue to assist his sons and daughters.  It is “internationalis” because of the presence of Dominicans in all the regions of the world.

The Solidarity Funds

The Solidarity Funds of the Order are: the Solidarity Fund, the St. Dominic Fund, and the Dominique Renouard, OP Fund.

The Solidarity Fund: fr Damian Byrne, the former Master of the Order (1983-1992) established this fund in 1991 to help especially the needy entities of the Order, with special emphasis on formation, the intellectual life, and frontier projects within the mission of the Order. 

The St Dominic Fund: fr Timothy Radcliffe, the former Master of the Order (1992-2001), following the ordination of the General Chapter of Bologna (1998) established this fund in order to have financial means available for the general mission of the Order and to support new projects, wherever they may be located.

The Dominique Renouard, OP Fund: the former Master of the Order, fr Carlos Azpiroz Costa (2001-2010), following the commission of the General Chapter of Bogota 2007, established this fund to support formation and mission, building projects and renovations in fragile entities. The fund is named after fr Dominique Renouard, the Vicar of the Master who died at the General Chapter of Bogota.

The Sources

The Solidarity Funds are made possible because of several gifts which the Masters of the Order have at their disposal from various sources, various campaigns and surpluses from the administrative management of the capital of the Order.  

The Board

SMI is under the direct management of a Board led by a President who is also a member of the General Council of the Order and an ex-officio member of the Economic Council of the Order. The Board consist of five friars appointed by the Master of the Order. Guided by the relevant statutes, the Board meets twice a year at Santa Sabina, to review the financial reports of the three funds, to evaluate all requests for funds, to made recommendations to the Master of the Order and to review reports from entities on how the funds were used. They also counsel entities on how to gather local support and connect with various funding agencies.

The current President of the Board of SMI is fr Krzysztof Poplawski (Socius for Central and Eastern Europe) and the members are: fr Charles Latour (Province of St Martin de Porres, USA), fr Joseph Dinh (Province of Vietnam), fr Pablo Condrac (Province of Argentina) and fr Stanslaus Muyebe (Vice Province of Southern Africa).



(21 August 2017)