Sr Marie-Bernadette, the oldest Dominican nun celebrates 110

Sr Marie-Bernadette, op

She is arguably the oldest Dominican alive and could also be the world’s oldest nun alive as she celebrates her 110th birthday and 90th anniversary in the religious life. She is Sr Marie-Bernadette of the Dominican Monastery of Dax, France. Sr Marie-Bernadette is setting a double record with her biological age (110) and her age of profession in religious life (90).  

According to her Prioress, Sr Marie-Bernardette is a gift to the monastery and the Order, a testimony to monastic life and an inspiration to the rest of her community. The community is more excited about their 90th anniversary of religious profession which will come up on the 18th of April. This is indeed a unique record.  

Even in her advanced age, Sr Marie-Bernardette continues to hold strong to her prayer life, praying for the Order and the world. Let us remember her in our prayers for strength and grace.

The Dominican Monastery of Dax continues to struggle in their life of prayer and contemplation. They also engage in sewing and the making of pastries as a means of sustenance. They ask for our support and prayers especially for vocations to the monastic life.


(16 January 2017)