St. Dominic: Preacher of Grace (Pakistan)


2009    -"In the beginning was the Word" (Jn 1:1): St. Dominic, Preacher of Grace

When we consider the accounts of St. Dominic left for us by the Brethren of his time, we have to say that surely Dominic was a preacher like no other. I have always tried to delve into his personality in my meditations in order to frame my personal formation and that of the Candidates in our Congregation, on the “gracefulness”  with which he was endowed. Can I ‘drink’ something of it? How should I go about my instructions to these young hearts in search of the truth?

In my consideration as to how to plan the formation programme for our Novices and the Inter Congregation  Formation Programme for Pre-Finally Professed Sisters in Pakistan, I could not escape the reality that a lot of Dominican “taste” came into both. I feel I need to express it aloud through the plan itself. Each year as I plan for the On Going Formation for our Sisters in Pakistan, I feel drawn into the immensity of the “Contemplata” dimension. This is where I feel that STUDY takes on a deep meaning for me. It makes me search new ways of communicating the Word in the present situation in Pakistan, in our Community, and in the heart of each person, as we travel alongside our Muslim Brothers and Sisters in a world that is running breathlessly towards ruin. It is here that I feel I must become a sign of HOPE in my own small way, without much noise, but yet tenacious.

Dominic: The Graceful Master

The peaceful countenance as portrayed by Cecilia inspires me to fix my heart only on Jesus, and Him in the Eucharist. Dominic preaches to me to revere the Lord in the fathomless depths of my heart, mirrored in the fathomless bounty of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. My Graceful Master teaches me all the time where to go whenever rocked by the storms of life. I find wisdom in keeping my big mouth shut and I listen internally to that calm voice within drawing me to silence and awe. It is in these particular moments of conversion that I learn the truth, which eventually spills over in my teaching. Very often I find myself expressing stored insights from these moments. I discover that the persons in formation gain more when the issue discussed has been experienced and tested and proved. Much more so, when lived out practically in my life. Only then can I feel able to put before them issues regarding the quality of our Dominican Charism for Preaching. We all need to take time out for consideration and application of these values in our own life.

Sr.Frances Farrugia O.P.       Maltese Missionary in Pakistan for 25 Years  


St.Dominic: Preacher of Grace  …… Rom:21-26, Eph2:5-8, Jn1:16-17

I experienced the Grace of God as a woman preacher while I was preparing to give a three-day seminar on the Pauline Literature to the Pre-Finally Professed Sisters at the Inter Congregation Formation Programme in Pakistan 2009. The Letters of St. Paul were so precious to Dominic that he went about carrying them with him everywhere, together with the Gospel of Matthew. Paul mentions this freely given grace of God. Dominic must have been fascinated by it since we discover our Father St. Dominic adopting such GRACE-FILLED WAYS OF PREACHING that even the die-hards of his time were converted. Our lifestyle will speak only of what we believe in our inmost depths.  It is through the “Contemplata” that it becomes possible for us to be graceful preachers like Dominic. Without this, we speak empty words.  Our preaching will be credible only if we are witnesses to the Word Incarnate in the here and now of our situation, both in the political sphere and in the personal sphere. This is “aliis tradere”. Hence TO PRAISE  TO BLESS  TO PREACH  will be ever alive on our lips.

Robeena Inayat OP