St Thomas Aquinas' thought applied to Evolutionary Biology

No contradiction between Faith and Science
William Carroll Blackfriars

Dr William Carroll is Thomas Aquinas Fellow in Science and Religion at the Dominican-run Blackfriars Hall in Oxford, and he is a member of the Faculty of Theology of the University of Oxford. This summer he was a keynote speaker at the Rimini Meeting organized by Comunione e Liberazione, and his talk on Creation and causality according to St Thomas, and the non-contradiction between science and religion made the headlines around the world. He explained how Catholics could happily accept the theory of evolution without any danger to faith in the Creator God, and contended that the sharp division between faith and science in the popular discourse is more rooted in ideology than theology, philosophy and a proper understanding of the natural sciences and its competence.

An interview with Dr Carroll in which he makes these points and others was presented by Vatican Radio, and can be heard at the Vatican News website: