St. Thomas : The Search Engine

St. Thomas : The Search Engine

This web application allows you to search through the works of Aquinas in both English and Latin. It allows you to do proximity word and phrase searches. For each result found, the paragraph containing the result will be displayed together with a link to the website where the full text can be found. Furthermore, if desired, one can save and categorize results in user defined groups of results.


(1) Make sure you have selected some pages to search by clicking on the checkboxes in the 'Domain Summary' pane.

(2) In the 'New Search' pane, fill any one of the word1 to word4 text fields with words you would like to find near to each other. You can specify the separation of the words by using the drop down menu.

(3) If desired, you can create groups of results that you can save for later reference.

Future updates of the site will include:

1. Other philosophers.

2. Allow users to add private comments to a search result.

3. Allow users to upload pdfs (with appropriate access control) which they want to search. (This may be tricky).

4. Autogenerate bibliographies in a variety of formats

St Thomas: The Search Engine was created by fr Robert Verrill, a friar of the English Dominican Province. If you notice any bugs or a functionality you would like this web application to provide, please contact him at


(18 July 2017)