Statistics on Dominican Cooperator Brothers 1980-2016

Statistics on Dominican Cooperator Brothers 1980-2016

The following tables present the statistics on Dominican Cooperator Brothers among forty-three entities throughout the Order for the period: 1980 through 2016. In reviewing the attached tables, definitive conclusions cannot easily be drawn to explain the trends in data during the reported period.

A more thorough review of specific demographics and characteristics on Cooperator Brothers would be required in order to identify possible causes attributed to these trends, e.g. novices, simple or solemn profession, transfers to and from the clerical state, departures, deaths, recruitment, vocation and formation programs and ministries.

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Table 1. Illustrates the actual decline of Cooperator Brothers for the period.

Table 2. Illustrates the percent of decline of 65% in the number of Cooperator Brothers as compared to a decline of 24% among priest brothers for the period (1980-2016). This decline is nearly 3 times greater among Cooperator Brothers when compared with priest brothers for the same time period.

Table 3. Illustrates the distribution of Cooperator Brothers in the forty-three entities of the Order.

Table 4. Illustrates the General Statistics of the Order for 2016.

Special thanks to Sr. Matthew Marie, OP (Nashville) for designing the Tables)

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(22 May 2017)