Study Week and Conference on 'Science and Religion' in Trogir, Croatia

Study Week and Conference on 'Science and Religion' in Trogir, Croatia

The Croatian Dominican Province in collaboration with academic institutions from Oxford, Cambridge, Warsaw, Bochum and Zagreb organized the 20th Study Week (BA and MA level: 28 - 31 August 2017) and Conference (research level: 1-2 September 2017) on 'Science and Religion' which took place in Trogir (Hotel sv. Križ, Arbanija), Croatia.

This year, that international project for students and young researchers celebrated its 20th anniversary. Both events hosted a group of almost 40 participants and speakers from Croatia, United Kingdom, France, Poland, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Iran.

Since it gathered theologians, philosophers, physicists, biochemists, and biologists, there was unique opportunity to discuss questions about evolution and human genetics, whether a scientific culture can provide a satisfactory substitute for religion, what does science tell us about religious postulates such as God, free will, and the soul, could God intervene in the natural world, does science provide an exhaustive view of human persons and the like.

The meeting was also accompanied by the Croatian National Television.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the project, an organ concert was performed in the Cathedral of Trogir by Maestro Alen Kopunović Legetin. The compositions played were written by the composers from this year's participating countries.

Srecko Koralija, OP



(16 September 2017)