Summa Theologiae Cake

Summa Theologiae Cake

As the entire Order in conjunction with the Universal Church celebrated the feast of one of its own, St Thomas Aquinas, the Priory of St Thomas Aquinas, Ibadan in the Province of Nigeria celebrated in a unique way. They had a lot to celebrate on that day.

Firstly, it was the feast day of St Thomas Aquinas, the patron saint of the priory which is the formation house of the province with over 60 brothers at different levels of their formation. To celebrate the feast, the community had the liturgical celebration in the morning which for them was a solemnity.

Secondly, the priory is host to the Dominican Institute, the institutional house of studies of the province. The institute takes care of the formation of the brothers and other religious (male and female) from other congregations. It is at an advanced stage of becoming a Dominican University. Following its tradition, the Dominican Institute had its Annual Aquinas Lecture. The lecture was delivered by one of the brothers, fr Dokun Oyeshola titled, “A Nigerian Dominican in A Secular University: Lessons and Challenges for the Proposed Dominican University”. Fr Dokun is most apt for this lecture since he has been a lecturer for many years in one of the foremost national universities in Nigeria, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife. 

Thirdly, the 28th of February, marks the first anniversary of the eternal call of fr Joseph Kenny. Fr Kenny who has been tagged “A True Son of Thomas Aquinas” passed away exactly a year ago on the feast day of St Thomas Aquinas. He had been the architect of the intellectual development of the Province of Nigeria. He has been involved in the foundation of the formation house, the Dominican Institute and the formation of every single brother in the province. The priory solemnly laid his tomb stone and also read an oration at his grave.

Finally, the priory had a banquet of food and drinks in the evening to sum up the entire celebration. The “Summa Cake” was unveiled by the prior, cut by a selection of the brothers and shared by all. The cake was designed by one of the brothers who has been a new discovery in the art of the baking and designing of cakes. The cake was perfectly designed such that it could easily be mistaken for the real thing. From the testimony of the brothers, the “Summa Cake” tasted very intellectual, heavenly and delicious at the same time. According to the Prior of the community, fr Dominic Mbomson, “the friars have studied the Summa, contemplated it, preached it, and now, they are going to consume it!”. Another brother remarked that, after reading from the Summa for many years and been enriched by it, it was interesting to eat it and experience a different taste of it.  

Friar Moses Ani, OP

(29 January 2013)