The Testimony of the Servant of God - Fr Tomas Tyn, OP


On the occasion of the 64th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, there will be a conference titled;

The Human Rights in Europe
Nobel Prize for Peace 2012

This is in recognition of 2012 Nobel Peace Prize won by the European Union. The conference will feature the testimony of Fr Tomas Tyn, a Dominican and citizens of Europe who is today a Servant of God with a special focus on the fight against totalitarianism, an affirmation of its Christian roots and commitment to freedom.

Among other speakers, Fr Giovanni Cavalcoli, OP, the vice postulator of the Cause of Beatification of fr Tomas Tyn, OP will make a presentation.

The conference will take place on Monday, the 10th of December, 2012 at the Sala del Carroccio – Campidoglio. Time: 10am.

Convegno in occasione del 64° anniversario della Dichiarazione Universale dei Diritti dell’Uomo
I Diritti dell’Uomo in Europa Premio Nobel Per La Pace 2012
La testimonianza di Tomas Tyn, un suo cittadino oggi Servo di Dio, fra lotta ai totalitarismi, affermazione delle radici cristiane e impegno per la libertà
On. Roberta Angelilli, Vice Presidente del Parlamento Europeo
On. Federico Rocca, delegato all’Europa di Roma Capitale
P. Giovanni Cavalcoli OP, vicepostulatore Causa Beatificazione di P.Tomas Tyn, OP
Dott. Antonio Farnè, giornalista RAI esperto storia dell’Europa Centrale
Serena Tajé Forni, Staff del Sindaco di Roma Capitale
Sala del Carroccio – Campidoglio. Lunedi 10 dicembre 2012 – Ore 10.00


Fr Tomas Tyn was born in the Czech Republic on May 2, 1950 and died in Neckargemund in Germany on January 1, 1990. In 1968, following the invasion of Soviet troops after the famous “Prague Spring”, fr Tomas fled with his family to Germany and could no longer return. He joined the Dominicans in Germany and in 1972 he moved to Bologna.

His Dominican vocation was characterized by his love for peace, both physically and spiritually. His extraordinary love for the truth, justice and freedom were all nurtured by his deep spirituality which he expressed in his preaching and teaching. He was a lover of souls and an educator of the conscience. He taught theology at the former Studio Teologico Accademico in Bologna, now known as the Faculty of Theology in Aemilia-Romagna.

In addition to the testimony of his life, he has left us a wealth of philosophical and theological teachings following the footsteps of St Thomas Aquinas. His major work titled; Metafisica della sostanza. Partecipazione ed analogia entis” is now in its second edition. It is highly recommended by scholars. As a true European, fr Tomas lived in his homeland and also in France, Germany and Italy and this gave him the opportunity to study European history, languages, culture and art in its Christian roots.

While he suffered ill-health with heroic patience, the liberation movements which lead to the dissolution of the Soviet Union were in full force. The fact that his ill-health and death coincided with the liberation of his homeland Czechoslovakia was symbolic and it touched the heart of the whole nation. It was recalled that at his ordination in 1975, he had offered his life as a sacrifice for the liberation of his country from an oppressive regime. He asked for a liberation “without the shedding of blood” and so it was.

The Cause for his Beatification is currently underway at the Ecclesiastical Tribunal in the Archdiocese of Bologna. The Cause was initiated by the Czech province of the Order on 25 February 2006 at the Holy Eucharist celebrated by the Archbishop of Bologna, Carlo Cardinal Caffarra in the Basilica of St Dominic belonging to the Friars Preachers (Dominicans) in Bologna.

The Cause was initiated by the Czech province of Friars Preachers because they felt that Father Tomas was an excellent example of heroic human, Christian, and Dominican virtue, especially considering the fact that he offered his own life for the freedom of Czechoslovakia (as it then was), which was under the yoke of atheist Communist oppression. Our Lord accepted the Servant of Gods wishes, and called him to his heavenly rest on 1 January 1990, exactly the same day when the dictatorship in Czechoslovakia fell from power and freedom and democracy arrived.

Fr Tomas has been acclaimed as a saint by many, not only in his own country but in Italy also, where he lived from 1973 until just before his death. He had excellent intellectual qualities, and as a theologian he was perfectly faithful to the Magisterium of the Church and to the teachings of St Thomas Aquinas. At the same time he was a very zealous and active priest, and was humble, wise, courageous, prudent, and a shining example of the Dominican life. He would listen to everyone and could enter into open dialogue with anyone. He left many writings and recordings of his lectures and talks, which are currently being transcribed. They are all full of proper, salutary doctrine. Many graces have already been granted through his intercession.

Anyone who wishes may contact the Vice-Postulator, Father Giovanni Cavalcoli, tel. +39.051.6400418 or +39.051.6400411, mobile. +39.334.7803456, or by e-mail: click here