Theme Song Panama, July 4, 2018

WYD Panama 2019



WYD Panama 2019 releases an international version of their Theme Song Panama, July 4, 2018. The Forty-Eight Cena de Pan y Vino (Bread and Wine Dinner), an event held every year to raise funds for the San José Major Seminary, was the setting chosen to launch the international version of the official theme song of the 34th World Youth Day, Panama 2019, recorded in the five official languages (Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese). "World Youth Day is an international and multilingual event, so the theme song will be sung in several languages because we cannot forget that although most of the pilgrims are expected to be Spanish speakers, many also will be Portuguese, English, Italian and French speakers." said Pedro Guevara Mann, Artistic Director of WYD Panama 2019. The hymn composed by the Panamanian Abdiel Jiménez will be sung and heard in all five continents. Therefore, to achieve an adaptation that was honest to Jiménez's music, Guevara Mann contacted several internationally recognized Catholic composers to help with translations. The Italian version was adapted by the composer Marco Frisina, who is best known for his composition “Jesus Christ You Are My Life”, which was premiered at WYD Rome 2000, and has perhaps become the extra-official anthem of all WYDs. The Portuguese version was translated by Ziza Fernandes of Brazil. The English version was worked by Fr. Robert Galea of Australia, and the French version by the talented musicians and composers of the Chemin Neuf Community in France. Once the versions in each language were approved, Guevara Mann worked with the arranger of the theme song, Aníbal Muñoz, to achieve the perfect mix. The international version was recorded entirely in Panama, using the talents of Panamanian Catholic artists who had to polish their knowledge of these languages. The singers who sang the international version of the theme song are: Gabriel Díaz, Marisol Carrasco (Spanish), Lucia Muñoz, Pepe Casis (Italian), Naty Beitia (French), José Berástegui and Eduviges Tejedor (English) from Panama, and the Portuguese by Erick Vianna and Kiara Vasconcelos of the Shalom Community of Brazil, who are in Panama working for WYD 2019. Along with the launch of the international version of the theme song of WYD Panama 2019, there was a presentation of the video that was recorded in different dioceses of Panama.


Queridos Hermanos y Hermanas: 
Con mucha alegría, nos complace enseñarles el resultado del amparo del Espíritu Santo y Nuestra Señora, Santa María la Antigua. Les presentamos el video internacional del himno de la Jornada Mundial de la Juventud Panamá 2019 ''Hágase en Mí según Tu Palabra''. Este video nos muestra algunos de los lugares emblemáticos de Panamá y además, escuchamos frases del mismo en los 5 idiomas oficiales. 
Esperamos les guste y puedan compartirlo con todos los jóvenes que están deseando venir a Panamá en enero del próximo año. ¡Los Esperamos en Panamá!
Dear brothers and sisters,
We are happy to share with you the international video of the World Youth Day Panama 2019 hymn "Hágase en Mí según Tu Palabra", fruit of the support of Holy Spirit and Our Lady, Santa María la Antigua. The video shows us some emblematic places of Panama, and the hymn is sung in the 5 official languages of World Youth Day. 
We hope you like it! Feel free to share it with all the young people who want to come to Panama next January. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Panama!
Queridos irmãos e irmãs:
Com muita alegria lhes mostramos o resultado do amparo do Espírito Santo e da Nossa Senhora, Santa María la Antigua. Apresentamos o vídeo internacional do hino da Jornada Mundial da Juventude Panamá 2019 ''Hágase en Mí según Tu Palabra''. Este vídeo nos mostra alguns dos lugares emblemáticos do Panamá e o hino é cantado nos 5 idiomas oficiais. 
Esperamos que gostem do vídeo e que o compartilham com todos os jovens que desejam vir ao Panamá em janeiro do próximo ano. ¡Esperamos vocês no Panamá!
Chers Frères et Soeurs, c'est avec beaucoup de plaisir que nous souhaitons vous montrer le résultat du soutien de l'Esprit Saint et de Notre Dame Santa Maria la Antigua. Nous vous présentons la vidéo internationale de l'hymne des Journées Mondiales de la Jeunesse Panama 2019  "Hagase en mí según tu palabra" (Que tout m'advienne selon ta parole). Cette vidéo montre quelques-uns des lieux emblématiques de Panama et en outre, et il a eté reproduit aussi dans les 5 langues officielles des JMJ. Nous espérons que cela vous plaira et que vous pourrez la partager avec tous les jeunes qui désirent venir au Panama en janvier prochain. A bientôt au Panama!
Cari Fratelli e Sorelle: 
Con molta allegria, siamo lieti di condividere con voi quello che ci è stato guidato dallo Spirito Santo e dalla Nostra Signora, la nostra madre, Santa Maria la Antigua. Vi presentiamo il video internazionale dell'inno della Giornata Mondiale della Gioventù Panama 2019 "Hagase en mí según tu palabra"  (Avvenga per me secondo la tua parola).  Questo video ci mostra alcuni dei luoghi emblematici di Panama e, inoltre, riproduce l'Inno nelle 5 lingue ufficiali. Speriamo vi piaccia e possiate condividerlo con tutti i giovani que desiderano venire a Panama a gennaio del prossimo anno! Vi aspettiamo a Panama!