Towards A Better Communication in the Order


During the first week of July, the brothers involved with communication from different provinces in the Order met at the Convent of the Annunciation, Paris to deliberate on ways of improving communication within the Order especially as regards the official website of the Order.

One of the issues discussed at the meeting was the involvement of brothers from other parts of the world especially Northern America, Africa and Asia. The team is seeking for Dominican brothers with skills in different areas of information and communication technology to involve them into OPTIC – Order of Preachers for Technology, Information and Communication.

The brothers deliberated on the current situation of the new website of the Order and possible ways of improving it. The main concern of the communication team is to make the website as effective as it could possibly be and to get as many brothers as possible involved. The website should be an effective library of information about the Order in general and the different provinces and branches of the Order. It should be a source of official documents, regular preaching, multimedia and vocational recourses. The desire of the team is for the website to be a link to all Dominican websites and vice versa. The greatest achievement of the meeting was the drafting of an Editorial Policy. The Policy is to define and guide the operations of the team especially as regards the official website of the Order.

The meeting had two interventions. The first came from fr. Augustin Laffay, OP, the new Promoter of the History and Heritage of the Order. He sent in a note intimating us of his plans in preparation for the Jubilee of the Order in 2016. He sought the cooperation of the team to set up a dedicated site.

The second intervention came from fr. Hervé Ponsot, OP who came in person to intimate us on the BEST Project of the Ecole Biblique, Jerusalem. The project aims to provide access to various versions of the Bible with endnotes on texts, contexts and reception. This will be in English, French and Spanish and will be available first on the Internet and then also as an Application for portable tablets. He sought for the involvement of the team.

This team was led by Fr. Eric Salobir, OP, the Promoter for Communication in the Order. Making up the team were; frs Bonaventure Agbali, OP (general editor of the Order’s website and director of IDI),  Lawrence Lew, OP (Province of England), Dominique Raphael, OP (Province of Toulouse), Ivan Calvo, OP (Province of Spain). These brothers are also Area Managers for their different language speaking areas. They coordinate the activities of other contributors from their areas. There were also Mr. Bernard Perez who works at the Curia as Webmaster and Alan Rives who is also working with the Province of Spain on communication.

The entire experience was a very intensely rewarding and enriching one and this was a unanimous conclusion. Fr. Eric made sure the brothers were not all work and no place. After each section of brainstorming, he organized personal tours of various interesting places in Paris. The group hopes to meet again sometime soon.