Towards the Seventh DSI General Assembly (May 2013)

Editorial of María Fabiola Velásquez Maya, OP
Fabiola Velasquez Maya

Within exactly one year in the month of May, we will be realizing our 7th General Assembly. What a happy coincidence is the number 7; with it we can remember that in the Bible this number signifies “fullness”... It is my wish from here on that, accompanied by the Spirit of the Lord; we can live with this biblical sense.

In the preceding Assembly that took place in Rome between the 14th and 19th of May 2010, the theme: “Preparing our future with realism, audacity and hope” occupied our attention. It is true that as apostolic Dominican women we were created to love the mission of Announcing of the Word. Each day I am more convinced that only if we live the mission of preaching, under its different forms, with spiritual mystique and human closeness, knowing how to share with others the fruit of a profound experience of God, a true contemplation in the sense that St Dominic understood “To contemplate and give what is contemplated”, can we relight in ourselves and in others a burning missionary fire to live fully our commitment en the New Evangelization.

As we come to it discerning and dialoguing through different media, that preparation of our future with audacity, realism and hope has no other end, no other reason for being than that of placing ourselves face to face with “The New Evangelization and Our Dominican Mission Today”.

One cannot deny that today we find ourselves in an historic moment of great changes and tensions, of loss of equilibrium and of different points of reference at different levels. The task of evangelization finds itself facing new challenges that question us about practices already in place that weaken habitual and standard paths and that oblige us to ask ourselves about the significance of our actions and about the transmission of the Good News.

The guidelines for preparing the new Synod of Bishops that will take place in Rome in October, over the theme “The New Evangelization for the transmission of the Christian Faith”, speaks to us of new scenes for the New Evangelization and signals in the first place an underlying  cultural scene -  that of a profound secularization. The second scene is the migratory phenomenon. In third place is mention of the social media. A fourth scene that marks evangelical action with its changes is that of the economy. As a fifth scene we have that of scientific and technological investigation. And finally they speak of the political scene.

We, as Apostolic Dominican women are convinced that the New Evangelization in which we dedicate ourselves with all our energy, has to respond to that deep desire for spirituality, that beginning with new generations  emerges with a little renewed vigor   for all those places where we find ourselves; the important thing is to know it and discover it and place the media within our reach in order to satisfy the thirst of so many persons who carry within themselves deep desires for something more beyond what they see and touch.

Happy coincidence for us, is the fact that the Synod of the Bishops happens in October and that our 7th General Assembly will be celebrated 9-16 of May with the theme: “The New Evangelization and Our Dominican Mission Today” .. How will the Holy Spirit inspire our Synod Fathers? How will it inspire our Apostolic Dominican Women?  May we be attentive to   its creative and renewing action in the announcing of the Word of Life...