Valletta’s history commemorated in exhibition at Dominican convent

Valletta’s history commemorated in exhibition at Dominican convent
The way Valletta has developed and the pastoral mission of the Dominican Order have shared a common thread since the capital started being built in the 16th century. This history is being told in an exhibition of various sacred and profane objects located within the Dominican convent.

Valletta and the Dominicans: One Path, is an exhibition which tells the story of the city through a sacred lens. The pastoral mission by the friars of the Dominican Order among the residents of Valletta and employees working in the area, was immediately given recognition by the Pope and the Knights of St John.

Fr Camilleri said that the items which are being exhibited were brought together by Heritage Malta and the Dominican friars.

There are also items which used to be used when someone was sentenced to death.  Prior to his execution, the condemned person would have sacred objects placed on his face and he used to also kiss the cross. Other sacred items were used during the plague. In the exhibit once can also find works by Ġużeppi Cali which belong to the Dominicans.

The exhibition is being held at the Dominican convent in Valletta and will remain open until 7 October.