Vatican II and the Promise of Renewal

7 - 9 May 2015
Vatican II and the Promise of Renewal


Vatican II: The Promise of Renewal is an international three-day conference in celebration of the 800th Anniversary since the founding of the Dominican Order, and the 50th Anniversary of the Second Vatican Council, sponsored by the Dominican Institute of Toronto.

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Here are some Videos from the Conference:

An interview of Prof. Darren Dias o.p.



Prof. Robert Doran S.J. manages a team which plans to write a new Summa Theologiae, as Saint Thomas did. Is it necessary? Is it Possible?


Discovering ourselves through dialogue by Peter Phan


Le dialogue avec l'Islam est possible. Le fr. Denis Halft est islamologue. Il a vécu au Liban, en Iran, en Syrie et en Égypte et parle l'arabe et le persan.




Réformer la liturgie, un vrai défi ! Fr Peter Spichtig, OP