"W drodze" on miracles

The June issue of the Polish Dominican magazine

“It’s hard to believe in nothing” - the June issue of the Polish Dominicans' monthly 'W drodze'

Does faith need miracles or do miracles need faith? If you desire miracles, does it mean your faith is shallow? What is the purpose of charismas and charismatics in the Church? In the newest issue of 'W drodze' we can find answers to the above and many other questions concerning the role of miracles.

Jerzy Stuhr, one of the most famous Polish actors (notable for roles in films by the director Krzysztof Kieslowski and recently as the Holy See’s spokesman in Moretti's 'Habemus papam') talks to Roman Bielecki OP and Katarzyna Kolska about faith, miracles and luck. Stuhr himself has recently fought a battle against cancer.

Fr. Grzegorz Strzelczyk briefly revises the biblical teaching about miracles and signs. He writes that too much focus on supernatural signs may be dangerous as it can distract from everyday, more discreet signs of God’s presence and love.

Aleksander Koza OP and fr. Michał Olszewski are priests involved with the charismatic movement. For them this is an important, normal, but too often neglected part of the Catholic Church’s life. Signs, charismas like healing, prayer in tongues, can greatly help people to deepen their relationship with God. Masses with healing prayers are quite popular in Poland, according to the article by Piotr Swiątkowski. He talks to people who witnessed fruits of charismatic prayer and to those with a more reserved attitude on this issue. What is happening in some parts of Madagascar, looks like a downpour of special charismas and God’s grace. Fr. Zdzisław Grad SVD in his testimonial writes especially about people who have been set free from spiritual possessions and cults.

Two more real life reports are also worth reading:

Did you know that the tallest ever statue of John Paul II has been built near the Jasna Góra Shrine in Czestochowa, Poland? It is 14 metres high and is made of… plastic! Joanna Gorska visited the site and talked to the people who built it.

Why do bikers regularly come to the Our Lady of Sorrows Queen of Poland in Lichen? Perhaps it is to repent for riding their bikes too fast?! You will find out why in an article by Stanislaw Zasada.