"W drodze" on a new life

The April issue of the Polish Dominican magazine

An old life as a new one – in other words, one can start a new life no matter at what age and in what circumstances – after an illness, a failure, unjust accusations – we read in the new monthly ‘W Drodze’.

First of all, a little bit of news. Dominik Jurczak OP and Dariusz Piórkowski SJ comment on the choice of the new Pope.

Krzysztof Popławski OP tries to answer the question why are monks leaving their monastic order. He makes a diagnosis: ‘In my opinion, the leaves derive from the crisis of faith and the feeling of nonsense of what they are doing. All other explanations are secondary.’

The heroes of the texts on the main topic of ‘W Drodze’ are people who had to change or who wanted to change their lives. And in these changes – forced or voluntary – they can feel  deeper sense. Lech Jeziorny talks about a man who was undeservedly harmed by the state, which ‘wasn’t mentioned in any business plan’. Sister Anna Bałchan, who among other things takes care of prostitutes, describes how she helps them to get out of the mud of their sins and problems. The interview with Sister Anna is available on our new website. Janina and Michał Kacprzykowie – a marriage from Warsaw, which decided to move to a small village in Beskid Niski – talks about a life far from civilization. The interview with an anonymous interlocutor, who describes his life when he was suffering from a serious illness, is very moving. He also talks about the changes which the recovery brought. The simplicity of his statement is charming: ‘I only know where to go when someone cuts the ground from under my feet. When I am well, I know Whom to thank.’

‘The Gospel in a world without God’ – this is the title of the diagnosis of these days, which two Domnicans make: Paweł Kozacki OP and Łukasz Miśko OP. The first Dominican writes about the possible end of the world of faith, the other tells about priest’s work in America.

In ‘Controversies’ column two opinions on topic ‘The Church faced with Polish problems’ are presented. Maciej Zieba’s OP text, which was given in 2012 during the general Polish debate on this topic, provides the pretext for the discussion. The Dominican’s opinion is commented by Michal Łuczewski.

In the series of ‘What do I believe in?’ during the Year of the Faith Wojciech Ziółek OP answers Dominik Jurczak’s OP questions about the Resurrection of the Christ and he explains what brings real Christian joy: ‘I will scream and shout Al-LE-LU-IA, just like Stuhr RESCUED, because once I was in a septic tank from top to toe and God took me out of it, because I touched the bottom of despair and He comforted me.’

In ‘Orientations’ column Anna Sosnowska writes about Urlich Seidl’s film ‘The Paradise: faith’, and Joanna Sarnecka makes a review of Dariusz Rosiak’s book ‘A man with a hard neck. The history of priest Romuald Jakub Weksler-Waszkinel’.

Jacej Salij OP explains why the perspective of the Last Judgment should make the faithful wait for it with hope, not fear it.

As usual, the features are written by: Tessa Capponi-Borawska, Jan Góra OP, Marek Magierowski and priest Grzegorz Strzelczyk.

This time Dominicans Krzysztof Pałys, Dominik Jurczak, Michał Adamski, Wojciech Dudzik and Wojciech Prus help the reader to consider the Sunday and holiday Gospels.