W drodze on saving the marriage

The October issue of the Polish Dominican magazine
W drodze

Not every human love can be the capital 'L' love, somebody once told me. It is true. But perhaps for the sake of love, we should not treat divorce as the only remedy for marital problems. Neither should we
think that faithfulness is out of date. That is how Roman Bielecki OP, Editor-in-Chief presents the main subject of the January issue of the Polish 'W drodze' magazine: Saving marriage.

In this issue one can meet 'spiritual extremists' who dare to believe that even a completely devastated marriage can be healed by God, if only both spouses freely accept God's power to work within them. And even if a marriage is not healed, it is still worthwhile to be faithful to one's spouse. In Poland some of these 'extremists' founded The Community of Difficult Marriages 'Sychar'. One of their leaders wrote a touching testimonial in the current 'W drodze' issue.

Another group of 'extremists' are people so hungry for Holy Communion that they decided to live like brother and sister with their non-sacramental spouses, so they could eat Eucharistic Bread. Antoni Grześkowiak and his wife agreed to live like that and although this had been a very tough decision, they both benefited from it.

If somebody is not ready for sexual abstinence in non-sacramental marriage, it does not mean he or she is outside the Catholic Church. Fr Adam Błyszcz reminds of Pope John Paul II encyclical 'Familiaris consortio' that inspired many dioceses and parishes to take care of people struggling with their marital problems. Anna Sosnowska interviews such couples who want to be a lively part of their Catholic communities, but often do not find it easy to do so.

You cannot avoid a crisis in a marriage but you can learn how to make that crisis work for you and your marriage. Barbara Smolinska, therapist tells Katarzyna Kolska about ways to work through tough times.

Another family psychologist, Beata Kolska-Lach advises divorced couples how to maintain nurturing relationships with their children.

Sometimes marital crises lead people to seek legal help in the church. Fr. Benedykt Glinkowski shows step by step how the procedure of annulment works in the Catholic Church.