“The Way of the Dominican Preacher: Go and Do Likewise!”

 “The Way of the Dominican Preacher: Go and Do Likewise!”

It started with an initiative of Aquinas Institute of Theology (St. Louis) and the Institute of Pastoralhomiletik (Province of Teutonia, Germany). The Institute of Preaching (Manila, Philippines) also joined in hosting this invitational event for sixty Dominican friars, sisters, nuns, and laity from twenty nations around the world:

•The idea of ​​an international exchange over the different ways of Dominican preaching,

•The idea to learn from each other and to benefit from the different experiences,

•The idea of ​​networking as a worldwide order of preachers,

•The idea of passing the torch to the next generation of preachers.

Grand Rapids Dominican Megan McElroy OP preached at the opening Evening Prayer, which was followed by a public reception.

Day 1: The Preaching Mission of the Friars

Three days - three different perspectives Dominican preaching. The first full day of the Colloquium began with a look at the preaching of the brothers. Bruno Cadoré OP, the Master of the Order of Preachers, gave the keynote speech on "Dominican Preaching Today: a Renewed Mission of Evangelization” given at the St Louis Univeristy Center for Global Citizenship



Bruno Cadoré' speech


He took up the topic of the entire colloquium "Go and do likewise”--a quotation from the Gospel of Luke. In developing this theme, Fr. Bruno considered several implications of going and doing likewise:

•To be a community of encounter,

•a community of preaching,

•and a community of shared friendships (community of friendship).

The video of the full lecture can be seen at www.ai.edu/goanddo.

Mass then was celebrated at Aquinas Institute. The presider and preacher was Francis Orozco OP, Southern Province chaplain at Texas Tech Univeristy in Lubbock; the deacon was Central Province brother Samuel Hakeem. OP.

After lunch, six workshops were hosted by Colloquium participants at Aquinas:

•Vietnam and Thailand: The Preaching Mission of the Vietnamese Dominican Family in Viet Nam and Thailand "

•Slovakia: "Preaching through the Arts"

•USA: "Dominic Sent Out Novices: Evangelization and Initial Formation"

•USA: "Preaching and the Movies"

•USA: “A Biblical Basis for Women's Preaching"

•USA: "Small Christian Communities: Forming Everyday Preachers”

Back at the Pallottine Renewal Center in the evening, Central Province lay Dominican preacher Laura Dejmek preached at Evening Prayer.


(13 October 2016)