We have Family in Syria


"We have Family in Syria." 

We have received a request from Sr. Ines Al-Jacoub, Prioress General of the Rosary Sisters of Jerusalem, for prayers for their Sisters in Syria and for all the people there. 

Three of their Sisters were in Ghassanieh, where the parish priest was killed in last June.  These Sisters have moved to Jordan.  Two Sisters remain in Syria at this time.

Please make your contacts in the Dominican Family aware of this presence of our Dominican Family in Syria.  Please encourage prayer for them, for all the people in Syria and for a peaceful resolution to this crisis.

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A letter from Chris Eggleton, OP, Provincial of the Province of St. Martin de Porres, USA, to the friars of the province, inviting all Dominicans to fast for peace in Syria and the region. With his indulgence, I share it with you.


Dear Brothers,

This afternoon I celebrated a Mass for Peace and Non-Violence in Syria and in the whole of the Region. The use of any weapons, including chemicals, of any nation against its own citizens must cease but not by initiating more violence.  Resolving the conflicts in and around the nation of Syria requires urgent and direct intervention by non-violent means.  Pope Francis, hosting Jordan's King Abdullah, II at the Vatican, spoke about their agreement that using arms is not the solution to the enormous and deadly strife in Syria.  Francis also emphasized  the need for "dialogue and negotiation."  This means that the use of missile strikes from air, land or sea from any nation, including our United States, is not an option that should sit on the table.

For the Eucharist, I used the Common:  For Refugees and Exiles.  There are approximately 2.5 million people (just under the population of Arkansas) who have fled their beloved homeland of Syria and are living on the edge.  They are hungry for food and for hope.  There are also another four million people inside Syria who are hungry for the same.

We Dominicans are beggars.  I encourage us to fast and to pray for peace in this region and that no nation will take up missiles or other violent means to resolve the conflicts.  Along with others during the civil war in El Salvador (1980-1992) Lutheran Bishop Medardo Gomez, under the cloud of constant death threats, courageously and publicly preached non-violence.  He said:  "A fast is any action that promotes peace and justice."

There are editorials that can be written, congresspersons, senators and our president that can be contacted to advise the ways of non-violent means to achieve accords, and ultimately peace and a return of exiles to their homeland.  There are prayers of the faithful to be written and included in the liturgies.  There are numerous means afforded to us to beg for the Gospel truths of peace, justice and reconciliation.  We are (friars) preachers saavy to the ways of entering the minds and hearts of others.  Let's be creative and preach for non-violence, for healing and for peace!

Fraternally yours in Christ and through the intercession of Mary, Queen of Peace and Dominic, Preacher of Grace,

Fr. Christopher T. Eggleton, O.P.

(30 August 2013)