Will our preaching fail to embrace the new modes of communication?

Communication: The Preachers sword
Communication: The Preachers sword

The student delegates of the eight entities of the Inter-Africa of the Order of Preachers (IAOP) attended a Session on communication at St Thomas Aquinas community in Lunda, Angola, from the 24th to 28th July, 2017. The Session was animated by fr. Eric Salobir, General Promoter for Social Communication. Fourteen (14) student brothers took part in this triennial Session or IAOP Student Week organized by the IAOP Counsellor for Formation on different themes. This session which was on communication was suggested by the Master of the Order, fr. Bruno Cadoré.

After the welcome address of the Vicar Provincial of Angola, fr. José Sebastião Paulo, the Session was officially opened by fr. Gabriel Samba, Socius of the Master of the Order for Africa. Also present was fr. Marie-Victor Kisyaba, the outgoing IAOP Counsellor for formation, who prepared this Session. The student brothers all stressed on the significance of efficient communication in our preaching ministries, and the need to use the new modes of social communication to enhance our preaching.

The delegates began by evaluating the recommendations of the last students’ Session of Kinshasa, D.R. Congo in 2014. Then, the students were introduced to the various elements of communication by the facilitator, fr. Eric Salobir. The sessions were both theoretical and practical. Some of the activities conducted included: writing of articles, professional photography and filming. The photos, videos and articles were posted onto the online platforms including a Facebook page where they had a chance to evaluate each ones posts. The Session ended with a general resolution of leading their entities in learning to and enhancing preaching through the new modes of social communication. The students were happy and grateful as the Session was an opportunity to know each other, make contact and discover the Vicariate of Angola, its realities, the Dominican life and mission of this entity.

The students also got a chance to tour Luanda town, beginning with a special visit to the Archbishop’s residence where they were warmly welcomed by the Auxiliary Bishop of Luanda, Dom Zeferino Zeca Martins. The Bishop was very pleased to see the young brothers, the future missionaries of the Order and the Church. He acknowledged the enormous work and determination of the Dominicans in the history of the Church and especially in Luanda. He wished that this Session might be beneficial for the communication of the Word of God. The Bishop led his hosts in a brief tour of the ancient Church, the Cathedral and the diocesan heritage, where the Baptism Register dating back to 1832 is kept. Then followed a visit to the parish of Senhora do Carmo where the Dominican Friars established their first community. Finally, the brothers visited MOSAIKO, the human rights project run by the Dominicans. The students had a chance to know the history, mission and objectives of this project.

The fourteen delegates who took part in this Session are: Raphael Amoah (Nigeria & Ghana), Zangbe Houngbedji Edem Koffi and Marius Tahon N’guetta (Abidjan, West Africa), Herman Régis Emponga Loumbe Ndoumou and Roch M’vouo Kima (Equatorial Africa), Laurent Ontere (D.R.Congo), Wilbroad Mulenga and Guide Marambanyika (Southern Africa), Donastien Ndabasanze and Olivier Ndabasanze (Rwanda & Burundi), Sese Steve Okoth and Dennis Wataka Malanga (Eastern Africa), Pedro Ouana and Feliciano Kayove (Angola).

The next session will take place in 2020. The venue and theme will be communicated later.

Graas a Deus! Obrigado.

frs. Pedro, Steve, Herman and Laurent, O.P.


(11 August 2017)