The Wind of Grace


The night enveloped me
but on I walked
the searching gave me strength to come back.
I reached the garden – lifeless
but return I did,
my tears kept hidden
the light of dawn.

The breath from Your lips
awakened my whole being
I ran to hold on to You
but alas I could not.
In Your words I touched
a brightness ever new
life poured into me
at the sound of your voice.

The luminous dew
of the garden exuded
the aroma of laurel
and liberation.
Running to my brothers
anointed by your gift
their fears and doubts
shattered by my joy.

The wind of grace
cleared the way for my cry
as they welcomed the news
of your resurrection.
From that day together we go,
a mission shared among us:
the preaching of your Word,
your presence and compassion.

-Sor Miria Gómez, OP

trans. To English, fr Brian Pierce, OP