Workshop on Islam and Interreligious Dialogue at IDEO


The Dominican Institute for Oriental Studies in Cairo (IDEO) is organizing in July 2013 a workshop on Islam and interreligious dialogue for Dominican students brothers. This workshop, encouraged by the Socius of the Master of the Order for the intellectual life, will be held from 7 to 20 July 2013. Our recent general chapters have emphasized the importance of preparing our brothers in interreligious dialogue. This issue becomes a matter of increasing urgency in different parts of the world. This is particularly true for relations with Islam.

We have several friars in Cairo well prepared for this, an excellent library and very good contacts with officials and Muslim friends with whom we can offer a real immersion in the subject. The theme of this session will be: The topic will be: The major debates of the Islamic classical theology, through the study of al-Ghazali, who has sometimes been qualified as “the Thomas Aquinas of Islam”.

We live in a political transition without major violence and do not feel at all threatened. Living here for a long time, we know what is possible and what is not and will not obviously take any risks with brothers Students during this workshop.

Thanks for your anticipated prompt response which will enable us to deal with all the practical details. A grant from a foundation should help to organize this workshop and will pay for the board and lodging. The provinces will only have to pay the tickets to Cairo and provide some pocket money. If some help is needed, this might be considered case by case.

Thanks as you share this proposal in your provinces and support it, especially through the Student Masters. For further details, please contact: Fr Jean-Jacques Pérennès, OP (Director of IDEO)