A Year of Grace in the Vice Province of St. Pius V, Democratic Republic of Congo

Vice Province of St. Pius V, Democratic Republic of Congo

After the celebration of its transition to the status of Vice Province on the 31st of May 2016, the Vice Province of St. Pius V in the Democratic Republic of Congo enjoyed another moment of grace namely, the clothing and entry into the Novitiate of five brothers, and the first profession of six brothers. Both events took place on 18th September 2016 during the Sunday Mass presided by fr. Bienvenu N'SEKOKO, Vicar of the Vice Province, and concelebrated by ten Dominicans. It was at the parish church of St. Dominic Kinshasa / Limete, filled by members of each family, friends and acquaintances as well as the usual faithful.

The five pre-novices who received the habit of the Order of Preachers and began their novitiate in the convent of St. Dominic, Limete, under the direction of their novice master fr. Marie-Victor Kisyaba are: Thomas Alotema Mayongo, Gervais Kakule Ngohe, Gilbert Thembo Balikwisha, Emmanuel Kayombu Buaciadi and Yannick-Céléstin Kabi Mudishinda. The six brothers who made their first profession in the Order of Preachers in the hands of fr. Bienvenu N'sekoko, for a period of three years, are: Nestor Kanambu Mambotegwe, Hervé Déogratias Atukozama, Faustin Kambale Sombe, Laurent Nyimalele Manganya, Antoine Ekpanga Matindia and Jean de Dieu Bakulikira Bahati.

To allow the brothers to prepare for philosophical studies which began on 3rd October, a dispensation had been received from the Master of the Order, Brother Bruno Cadoré, in accordance with LCO 196 2, to anticipate their profession by ten days. The eleven brothers were prepared spiritually, with all the brothers of St. Dominic’s convent, by a retreat preached by the Reverend Father Alphonse Abedi, ssp whose theme was "Merciful as the Father"!

In his homily, inspired by the three readings of the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C, the main celebrant highlighted the importance of the beauty of the religious vows that free us from worldly concerns to enter the Kingdom of God. He called the faithful and especially the six newly professed and five novices to serve God rather than money because, as noted at the end of the Gospel of the day, we cannot serve both God and money. He recalled the words of one of his student masters who said to him that “financial affairs never go together with the state of being religious that must inhabit us." Bro. Bienvenu invited the eleven young brothers to live this advice of the Gospel of the day. This advice relates to each of us whether we are religious or secular, consecrated or not, clergy or laity, he said.

In addition, he called on everyone to give fair value, the true value, its proper and just place, to money in our everyday life, that is to say, to use money to alleviate, however slightly, the misery of those around us. We use it to ensure the survival of those of our brothers who cannot get along by themselves; we use it to ensure a balanced life for all so that everyone receives recognition from others. Considered and used in this way, money ceases to be deceptive, and finds its right value. Finally, he invited the six newly professed to live the evangelical counsels, to love the habit of the Order, to give themselves to studies, and to observe the cloister.

After Mass, a reception was held in the reading room of the library of St. Dominic convent.

fr. Laurent Ontere, op


(23 October 2016)