The Song Continues: Dominican Monastic Life in Light of the Jubilee

“Go and tell my brothers (and the whole world…)” - Sharing the Good News from a Monastery of Nuns

Monastery of Notre-Dame de la Clarté -Taulignan,

Constitutions of the Nuns

The Four Pillars Revisited

Don Goergen, OP

Drinking in the Word: Dominicans and the New Wine of the Gospel

Paul Murray O.P.

The Role of ongoing formation in the renewal of Religious Life

Sr. Breda Carroll, OP

Message to the People of God: from the Synod on the Word of God

Lectio Divina and mental Prayer

Jean-Cyrille KHOURY

Loving God with all our capacity for understanding

Study in Dominican monastic life

On our vocation

The challenge of holding both aspects (i.e. the hidden life and outreach to the world) in creative tension - Sr. Breda Carroll, OP




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