Acts of General Chapters

Official Edition





Book of Constitutions and Ordinations

DocNew edition of the Book of Constitutions and Ordinations of the Friars of the Order of Preachers (LCO) in the official Latin.

DocLiber Constitutionum et Ordinationum 2018 - Latin

DocRatio Formationis Generalis 2016

DocRatio Formationis Generalis 2016 Multilingual

DocThe Book of Constitutions and Ordinations - 2012

DocThe Rule of St. Augustine

DocThe Primitive Constitutions of the Order of Preachers

Letters and Texts from the Master of the Order

Bro. Bruno Cadoré O.P. (2010 - )


DocThe holiness of Dominic, a light for the Order of Preachers Prot 50/18/480 Letters to the Order

DocLetter on the Synod of Bishops on Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment

DocSent to preach the gospel: After the Congress for the mission of the Order of preachers

DocLetter for the Jubilee year of the Order of Preachers 2016

DocOn the Opening of the Jubilee

DocFrom the « Propositum » of the Order to the conventual project of apostolic life

DocDominican women and evangelisation

DocDominic: Government, Spirituality and Freedom

DocDominican Family Day - 7 November

DocMendicants and being in solidarity with others

Mendicants and being in solidarity with others

For a culture of solidarity at the service of preaching

DocThe Dominican Laity and Preaching

DocMary: Contemplation and Preaching of the Word

DocLetter on the Liturgical Celebration of the Hours

DocLetter to the Order - January 2012

DocHomily on the occasion of the Master’s visit to Soriano Calabro

DocThe Master’s address on the opening of a museum in Santa Sabina

DocThe Master of the Order’s homily on Christmas Eve - 2010

DocMessage of the Master of the Order for Advent 2010

Bro. Carlos A. Azpiroz Costa, O.P. (2001- 2010)

DocYou are all brothers

DocProclaiming the Gospel in the Order of Preachers

DocLetter on Itinerancy

Doc"Let us walk faithful to the love we had at first"

DocLetter on the Rosary (Jan. 2008)

DocIntervention: Synod of Bishops 2008

DocSainte-Marie de Prouilhe, 800 years of Dominican History

Preface to the book Sainte-Marie de Prouilhe, 800 years of Dominican History, 1206-2006

DocMessage of the Master (Advent 2008)

DocLetter of the Master to Pope Benedict XVI (Ash Wednesday 2009)

DocDecree of Erection of the Vice-Province of St. Augustine in West Africa

Doc“Intent upon God in oneness of mind and heart”

DocEvangelization of those close to us: A Grace, Rosary Teams

DocA message for Christmas and the New Year 2010

DocLetter of the Master: 50 years of Dominican presence in India

Bro. Timothy Radcliffe, OP (1992-2001)

DocLetter to our brothers and sisters in initial formation

DocThe Bear and the Nun : What is the Sense of Religious Life Today

An address to the Major Religious Superiors of France, October, 1998

DocThe Identity of Religious Today

Keynote Address to the U.S. Conference of Major Superiors for Men (CMSM) August 8, 1996

DocThe Wellspring of Hope - Study and the Annunciation of the Good News

DocJurassic Park and the Last Supper

A talk given at The Tablet Open Day, London, June, 1994

DocMission to a Runaway World:Future Citizens of the Kingdom

Conference given at SEDOS 2002

DocThe Parable of the Good Samaritan

Conference given at Camaldoli, 30 June 2001

DocA Contemplative Life

"A city set on a hilltop cannot be hidden”. A Contemplative Life Given at S Sabina on the Feast of St Catherine of Siena, 2001

DocThe Mission of the Dominican Family

To Praise, to Bless, to Preach
An address to the Dominican Family, Manila 2000

DocThe throne of God

A Talk for the Congress of Abbots. Sant’Anselmo September 2000

DocSt Catherine of Siena (1347-1380) Patroness of Europe

A letter to the Dominican Order, published April 2000 to celebrate the naming of St Catherine of Siena as one of the Patrons of Europe.

Bro. Damian Byrne, OP (1983-1992)

DocFirst Assignations

DocIn Mission Together

DocThe Ministry of Preaching

DocOn Common Life

DocThe Challenge of Evangelization Today

DocPre-Novitiate Formation

DocThe Laity and the Mission of the Order

DocOn the 750th Anniversary of the Canonization of St. Dominic

DocLetter on Formation

DocLetter to the Order's Contemplative Nuns

DocIn Collaboration Together

Letter from The M.O. On Collaboration In The Dominican Family. May 1991

Bro. Vincent de Couesnongle, OP (1974-1983)

DocWho are my "Cumans" ?

DocA plea for Itinerant Preaching

DocConfidence in the Future

DocHow Young People are to be Received and Trained in our Communities

DocThe Social Message Of John Macias

DocSome Aspects of Dominican Life

DocThe Contemplative Dimension of our Dominican Life

USA Interprovincial Council Meeting at Providence College on 30 June 1982

DocAuthority Promoting Fraternal Unity as well as the Universal Mission of the Order

DocLetter to the Dominican Family Fr Bruno Cadoré

Letter to the Dominican Family

IDI - International Dominican Information

IDI - 2012

DocIDI - N. 509: December 2012

DocIDI - N. 508 : NOVEMBER 2012

DocIDI - n. 506: September 2012

DocIDI - n. 505 August 2012

DocIDI - N. 504: JULY 2012

DocIDI - n. 503: June 2012

DocIDI - n. 502: May 2012

DocIDI - n. 501: April 2012

IDI - 2013

DocIDI - n. 521 - December 2013

DocIDI - n. 520 - November 2013

DocIDI - n. 519 - October 2013

DocIDI - n. 518 - September 2013

DocIDI - n. 517 - August 2013

DocIDI - n. 516 - July 2013

DocIDI - n. 515 - June 2013

DocIDI - n. 514 - May 2013

DocIDI - n. 513 - April 2013

DocIDI - n. 512 - March 2013

DocIDI - n. 511 - February 2013

DocIDI - n. 510 - January 2013

IDI - 2014

DocIDI - n. 533 - December 2014

DocIDI - n. 532 - November 2014

DocIDI - n. 531 - October 2014

DocIDI - n. 530 - September 2014

DocIDI - n. 529 - August 2014

DocIDI - n. 528 - July 2014

DocIDI - n. 527 - June 2014

DocIDI - n. 526 - May 2014

DocIDI - n. 525 - April 2014

DocIDI - n. 524 - March 2014

DocIDI - n. 523 - February 2014

DocIDI - n. 522 - January 2014

IDI - 2015

DocIDI - n. 545 - December 2015

DocIDI - n. 544 - November 2015

DocIDI - n. 543 - October 2015

DocIDI - n. 542 - September 2015

DocIDI - n. 541 - August 2015

DocIDI - n. 540 - July 2015

DocIDI - n. 539 - June 2015

DocIDI - n. 538 - May 2015

DocIDI - n. 537 - April 2015

DocIDI - n. 536 - March 2015

DocIDI - n. 535 - February 2015

DocIDI - n. 534 - January 2015

IDI - 2016

DocIDI - n. 557 - December 2016

DocIDI - n. 556 - November 2016

DocIDI - n. 555 - October 2016

DocIDI - n. 554 - September 2016

DocIDI - n. 553 - August 2016

DocIDI - n. 552 - July 2016

DocIDI - n. 551 - June 2016

DocIDI - n. 550 - May 2016

DocIDI - n. 549 - April 2016

DocIDI - n. 548 - March 2016

DocIDI - n. 547 - February 2016

DocIDI - n. 546 - January 2016

IDI - 2017

DocIDI - n.569 - December 2017

DocIDI - n.568 - November 2017

DocIDI - n.567 - October 2017

DocIDI - n.566 - September 2017

DocIDI - n.565 - August 2017

DocIDI - n.564 - July 2017

DocIDI - n.563 - June 2017

DocIDI - n.562 - May 2017

DocIDI - n.561 - April 2017

DocIDI - n. 560 - March 2017

DocIDI - n. 559 - February 2017

DocIDI - n. 558 - January 2017

IDI - 2018

DocIDI AUGUST 577 2018

The holiness of Dominic, a light for the Order of Preachers



DocIDI 575 JUNE 2018


DocIDI - no. 571 - February 2018

DocIDI - no. 572 - March 2018

DocIDI - no. 570 - January 2018

IDI 2019


DocSalamanca Congress 2016 Programme

DocRegistration Form for the Congress on Indigenous People

DocExhibition on St Dominic

DocCalendar of the Events of the Jubilee

DocThe Paths of St Dominic Guide

DocBrochure: Jubilee

DocRitual of opening - Jubilee

DocPaths of St Dominic 2015-2016

DocSounds in the Silence Booking Form

DocSounds in the Silence Booklet

Doc“Laudare, benedicere, praedicare”: Official Hymn of the Jubilee of the Order

DocCelebrating a Dominican Jubilee

DocConfidence in the Future

DocThe Identity of Religious Today

DocOn the liturgical celebration of the Hours

DocThe Contemplative Dimension of our Dominican Life

DocMinistry of Preaching

DocParticular challenges and pastoral plans

DocProclaiming the Gospel in the Order of Preachers

DocThe Apostolic Life - Loving the World

DocThe Challenge of Evagelization Today

DocL'annonce de l'évangile dans l'Ordre des Precheurs

DocThe intellectual mission of the Order

DocThe intellectual mission OP

DocDominican Maturity Training

Modern Songs

DocAllez, Proclamer à vos frères

DocRaise a Song in Joyful Cheer

DocHimno Nuestro Senora del Rosario

DocInflamed with Contemplative Love

DocA Child was born in Bethlehem

DocAllez, Proclamer à vos frères

DocLord let us see your kindness

DocAve Maria, Mater Eucharistiae

DocClothe me with Eternal Truth

Salamanca Congress 2016

Cooperator Brothers

DocBro. Herman Johnson, OP: Talking about and inviting to brotherhood

Doc Dominican Cooperator Brothers Study 2013


DocLetter on the Synod of Bishops on Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment

DocXV Synod of Bishop: Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment Preparatory Document


DocThe Statutes of the International Dominican Youth Movement (IDYM) 2017



DocProject/Program Grant Form (Dominican Nuns) .docx

DocProject/Program Grant Form (Dominican Nuns) .pdf

DocProject/Program Grant Form (.docx)

DocProject/Program Grant Form (.pdf)


DocScholarship Request Form(.docx)

DocScholarship Request Form(.pdf)

DocAnnual Report 2013 - Spem Miram Internationalis

DocCriteria for Grants

DocSpem Miram Internationalis

DocSolidarity Fund

DocSt Dominic Fund

DocDominique Renouard Fund


DocAdministrative Statutes

Study and Formation

DocStatistics on Dominican Cooperator Brothers 1980-2016

DocRatio Studiorum Generalis 2017



DocXIXth International Dominican Study Week and Conference Programme

DocXVIIIth Study Week and Conference – Trogir 2015

DocStudy Week 2015 - Invitation Letter

DocInitialis Formatio (1999)

DocRatio Studiorum Generalis

Justice & Peace

JP Booklets

DocJP Booklet IV

DocJP Booklet VI

DocJP Booklet VIII

DocJP Booklet V Processes

DocJP Booklet I: Life Stories

DocJP Booklet II: Reading and Reflecting

DocJP Booklet III Preaching

Theological Reflections

DocSanctuaries of Compassion: The Idea of Care in the Dominican Tradition I. Perkins

DocHomily on the Feast of the Translation of St Dominic 2015

DocWhat about Theological Reflection

DocWorld Social Forum

DocOur daily bread

DocPreferential Optionfor the Poor

DocSocial Issues in Theological aspect - Reflection

DocToward a world without hunger

DocBanquet Parable

DocEconomic Approach

DocJubilee & Third world debt


DocThe World Day of Migrants and Refugees

DocPontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People


DocCatholic Social Teachings

DocCompendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church

DocDeath of Life

DocHandbook of Human Trafficking

DocHandbook on Migrant workers

DocLoss of Forests


DocMunal for Human Rights Training

DocThe extinction of animal species

DocTrafficking in women and children

Peace and Human Security

Letters written or co-written by the General Co-Promoters for Justice and Peace

DocLetter on Populorum Progressio

DocFormation for Justice

A letter to the Prior Provicials of the Order - Ratio Studiorum Generalis 14.4. on Formation for Justice

DocAction RSG 14 2008

La Injusticia Económica y El Cuidado de la Creació


Docthe voce of the Dominican sister


DocReport J and P Venezuela

DocLetter to the Dominican Family in view of the European elections, May 2019

Letter to the Dominican Family in view of the European elections, May 2019

DocWhy do we need Dominican Commissions and Promoters of Justice and Peace?

DocAppeal to the Order to contribute towards a Colombia that is reconciled and at peace

DocTestimonies of the victims of the armed conflicts Catatumbo


DocNine Day Novena in Solidarity with our Dominican Sisters

DocDominican Call to Justice 2015-2017

DocOpen Letter to the EU on Migration

DocJournees Romaines Domincaines 2014 - Registration Form

Doc“Dialogue as a Way for Preaching” - Flyer

DocMDG-6: How can religious congregations help achieve its targets?

DocInternational Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Brochure

DocLiving With Integrity

DocAuthentic Development

DocLetter: Situation in Pakistan 2007

DocAsia Pacific JP Conference Statement 2006

DocJustice and Peace Spirituality

DocArchbishop Diarmuid Martin on "Populorum Progressio"

DocWorld Water Day 2006 - EN

DocJustice and Peace Prayer - SEDOS 2010

DocAddressing Racism: What Will It Take?

DocWorld Report on Violence Against Children

DocJP Spirituality (Study Guide)

DocWoe to the Rich and Powerful – Unless . . .

DocJoint Statement on Kenya (March 2008)

Dominican Nuns - Documents


DocBoletín Monialibus octubre Noviembre 2018 English



DocMonialbus 37 2017

Monialbus 37 2017

DocMonialibus No.35 October 2016

DocMonialibus #34 English

DocN° 33 October 2015

DocN° 8 January 2004

DocN° 7 June 2003

DocNº 29 July 2013

DocN° 6 January 2003

DocNº 24 January 2011

DocNº 23 July 2010

DocNº 22 January 2010

DocNº 21 July 2009

DocNº 20 January 2009

DocNº 19 – August 2008

DocNº 18 A special issue for the Jubilee Year April 2008

DocN* 17 - December 2007

DocNº 26 June 2012

DocNº 25 July 2011

DocN° 10 July 2004

DocN° 9 April 2004

DocThe Song Continues: Dominican Monastic Life in Light of the Jubilee

DocReclaiming the Dominican Vision for the 21St Century

fr Malachy O’Dwyer, OP

Doc“Go and tell my brothers (and the whole world…)” - Sharing the Good News from a Monastery of Nuns

Monastery of Notre-Dame de la Clarté -Taulignan,

DocConstitutions of the Nuns

DocLoving God with all our capacity for understanding

Study in Dominican monastic life

DocLectio Divina and mental Prayer

Jean-Cyrille KHOURY

DocMessage to the People of God: from the Synod on the Word of God

DocThe Role of ongoing formation in the renewal of Religious Life

Sr. Breda Carroll, OP

DocDrinking in the Word: Dominicans and the New Wine of the Gospel

Paul Murray O.P.

DocThe Four Pillars Revisited

Don Goergen, OP

DocOn The Consecratory Nature Of The Very Act Of Solemn Vows

fr Pierre-Marie Gy, O.P.

DocTo speak only about God or to God

Eric T. de Clermont-Tonnerre O.P.

DocDetails for The Community of Pedro de Córdoba, Dominican Preaching and the Order's Present Mission

fr Felicísimo Martínez, OP (CIDALC 2010 talk)

DocDominic and the Early Monastic Tradition

Sr. Jean Marie, OP (Langley, Canada)

DocDominican Monastic Life: Reflections

(selected part of a dissertation text, copied with author’s permission)
by Elizabeth Elive

DocOn our vocation

The challenge of holding both aspects (i.e. the hidden life and outreach to the world) in creative tension

- Sr. Breda Carroll, OP

DocThe challenge of reaching out to the world


Sr. Maria Magdalena OP, Rieste-Lage

DocThe challenge of holding both aspects

(i.e. the hidden life and outreach to the world) in creative tension
Sr M Breda OP

DocThe Moment Your Greeting Reached My Ears

DocThe Equanimous Eckhart

Brian J. Pierce, OP

DocThe Spirituality of Living in Community

Fr Brian Lowery

DocThe Confessions of St Augustine - his journey out and back, To finding God in himself

Brian Lowery OSA

DocCommunity Lectio Divina and Preaching

fr. Brian J. Pierce, OP  

DocChapters And The Conventual Chapter In The Dominican Spirit

DocRegular Observance

An in- depth reading of LCM 35

fr Viktor Hofstteter, O.P.

DocPrayer / Lectio Divina

Professor Rev. Chris HAYDEN

DocKeys To The Life Of Dominican Nuns

DocThe challenges of the hidden life of the nuns

Zdzislawa Szymczynska, OP, St. Anne’s Monastery,Poland

Dominican Laity - Documents

DocLetter of the Master of the Order for the International Assembly of the Dominican Laity Fatima 2018

DocThe RULE of the Lay Fraternities of St. Dominic

Commission Documents

Commission for the Promotion of Studies

International Commission of Nuns

Liturgical Commission

DocThe Dominican Rite following the Liturgical Reform of Vatican II





DocProper of the Order of Preachers. Rite of Profession

DocRitual Order for the Reception and Profession into Clerical or Lay Fraternities of Saint-Dominic

DocHistorical brief of the Liturgical commission

Preaching Commission

Various Documents/Articles

Historical Documents

DocInternational Historical Conference on Dominicans and Russia

DocTreatise on Preaching - Humbert of Romans

DocThe Libellus of Jordan of Saxony

DocPHILDOM (February 2019)


DocThe Dominican Charism Initiative or DCI was launched in the context of a Charism Dialogue, February 21-23

Andrea Wirgau, Ed.D.

Member of DCI US Planning Team   

Executive DirectorDominican Association of Secondary Schools (DASS)


Father Frederic Ntedika Mvumbi 

Dominican Friar 

Eternal rest grant to him God.  RIP.


Burial Date:     Friday 15th 2019 

Venue:     St. Martin De Porres Priory,  Kisumu


Fred was born May 2 1964 in Congo. He made his profession, November 20, 1995. He was ordained, November 14, 2000. Until his death, Fred was a member of St. Catherine of Sienna Parish Community in Kitusuru. He was an administrator and professor at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

Fred was suddenly taken ill morning Thursday, February 7th  2019 while on his way to work at  the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), and was rushed to Nairobi Hospital’s HDU and ICU with  extremely high blood pressure, and where he remained for 3 weeks in comatose until  the time of death.


DocElisabeth Leseur: A unique path to Holiness – The Experience of Jennifer MacNeil

DocNovena in Honour of St Dominic

DocThomism After Vatican II by fr Thomas Joseph White, OP

Presentation at the Dominican and the Renewal of Thomas Conference at Washington DC, Summer 2013.

DocThe Dominican Cooperator Brother

Re-visioning the Vocation and Ministry of the Cooperator Brother for the Third Millennium
Brother Ignatius Perkins, OP

DocFor a Theology of Difference. Identity, otherness, dialogue

Claude Geffré, OP
Dominican Roman Days
July 2001

DocThe Word of God and World Religions and Cultures

Claude Geffré, OP
Conference of Interfaith Dialogue: 2001
February 7-12th. Bangkok, Thailand

DocModel of an Homily for a Difficult Subject

Allan White, OP
Trinity Sunday 2003
Dominican Association of Great Britain and Ireland Dublin

DocDrinking in the Word - Dominicans and the New Wine of the Gospel

Paul Murray, OP
Prague – Meeting of the Dominican Nuns – 06/09/05

DocShort Report about the Laity-General Promoter’s visit

fr. David KAMMLER, op
Short Report about the Laity-General Promoter’s visit to some Fraternities of Germany (Teutonia) and France (Province of France)
( January 29 – February 16, 2011 )

DocThe New Religious Landscape in Europe at the Dawn of the Third Millennium

F. Jean Vernette
Conference given at Avila to the Meeting of the IEOP (Dominican Provincials of Europe), April 2002

DocFacing the Challenges to Faith in Christ Today: The Dominican Way

J. Augustine Di Noia, O.P.
Titular Archbishop of Oregon City
Secretary, Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments
Yale Club, New York, 2 June 2010

DocThe Inquisition: Dominic and Dominicans

Source : Bedouelle, Guy. Saint Dominique. The Grace of the Word. Ignatius, 1987.

DocThree meditations for Paris « Figures dominicaines de sainteté »

Bro. Timothy Radcliffe, OP

DocA Message to the Members of the Dominican Family from Fanjeaux, May 2006

DocSeeing, Touching and Speaking the Truth: The First Dominicans in the Americas

fr Brian Pierce, op

DocRecovering the Contemplative Dimension

  fr. Paul Murray, OP -
General Chapter of the Dominicans (July 12 2001, Providence, RI)


DocLetter: On the 500th anniversary of the arrival of the Order of Preachers in the Americas

Don Goergen, O.P.
Provincial Promoter of Social Justice
St. Albert the Great (USA - Central Prov.)

DocOne Brother's Renewal

To Meet, To Pray, To Listen, To Dialogue, To Search, To Understand, Then To Preach
Brother Ignatius Perkins, OP

DocHope In An Age of Despair

by Albert Nolan, OP

DocThe Coming of the Preachers

Sr. Barbara Beaumont, OP - Selections from the talk in Fanjeaux, France at the Dominican Family gathering in April 2006.

DocThe Martyrs of Rosaryville

Homily by fra Bonifacio Solís O.P., provincial of Holy Rosary Province from Hong Kong, during the dedication of the Monument to the Dominican martyrs of the Spanish Holy Rosary Province. 11 Oct. 2008. (USA)

DocDominican Spirituality

Edward Schillebeeckx, OP

DocSacra Praedicatio and Dominican Spirituality

Liam Walsh, OP
Conference given to the Sisters of the Zimbabwean Congregation at their General Chapter - September 2002

DocPreaching as Translation

Ulrich Engel OP
Listening and Communicating God’s Word in a post-secularized Society
Assessment of the Dominican Position

DocBefriending: The Heart of Mission

Chrys McVey, OP

Bulletin INFO/CLIOP (International Liturgical Commission of the Order of Preachers)

Doc7 - Bulletin INFO/CLIOP July 2010

Doc9 - Bulletin INFO/CLIOP 2011

Doc8 - Bulletin INFO/CLIOP December 2010

Doc14 - Bulletin INFO/CLIOP EN 2017

Doc11 - Bulletin INFO/CLIOP EN 2013

Doc13 - Bulletin INFO/CLIOP January 2015

Doc2 - Bulletin INFO/CLIOP December 2005

Doc1 - Bulletin INFO/CLIOP July 2005

Doc3 - Bulletin INFO/CLIOP March 2007

Doc4 - Bulletin INFO/CLIOP December 2007

Doc5 - Bulletin INFO/CLIOP July 2009

Doc6 - Bulletin INFO/CLIOP December 2009


Other Languages

Bollettino INFO/CLIOP (in Italiano)



Doc9 - Bollettino INFO/CLIOP 2011

Doc10 - Bollettino INFO/CLIOP 2012

Doc7 - Bolletino INFO/CLIOP julio 2010

Doc8 - Bollettino INFO/CLIOP dicembre 2010

Doc1 - Bollettino INFO/CLIOP luglio 2005

Doc2 - Bollettino INFO/CLIOP dicembre 2005

Doc3 - Bollettino INFO/CLIOP marzo 2007

Doc4 - Bollettino INFO/CLIOP dicembre 2007

Doc5 - Bollettino INFO/CLIOP luglio 2009

Doc6 - Boletín INFO/CLIOP diciembre 2009



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