Book of Constitutions and Ordinations

Acts of General Chapters

Official Edition





Letters and Texts from the Master of the Order

Bro. Bruno Cadoré O.P. (2010 - )

Bro. Carlos A. Azpiroz Costa, O.P. (2001- 2010)

Bro. Timothy Radcliffe, OP (1992-2001)

Bro. Damian Byrne, OP (1983-1992)

Bro. Vincent de Couesnongle, OP (1974-1983)

IDI - International Dominican Information

IDI - 2012

IDI - 2013

IDI - 2014

IDI - 2015

IDI - 2016

IDI - 2017

IDI - 2018


DocLetter to our brothers and sisters in initial formation

DocOn common life

DocOn Dominican Itinerancy

DocPassion for the Dominican Life

DocDe Sequela Christi

DocEconomic Life

DocCelebrating a Dominican Jubilee

Modern Songs

Salamanca Congress 2016

Cooperator Brothers






Study and Formation

Justice & Peace

JP Booklets

Theological Reflections



Peace and Human Security

Letters written or co-written by the General Co-Promoters for Justice and Peace

La Injusticia Económica y El Cuidado de la Creació


DocInternational Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Brochure

DocLiving With Integrity

DocAuthentic Development

DocLetter: Situation in Pakistan 2007

DocAsia Pacific JP Conference Statement 2006

DocJustice and Peace Spirituality

DocArchbishop Diarmuid Martin on "Populorum Progressio"

DocWorld Water Day 2006 - EN

DocJustice and Peace Prayer - SEDOS 2010

DocAddressing Racism: What Will It Take?

DocWorld Report on Violence Against Children

DocJP Spirituality (Study Guide)

DocWoe to the Rich and Powerful – Unless . . .

Dominican Nuns - Documents


Dominican Laity - Documents

Commission Documents

Commission for the Promotion of Studies

International Commission of Nuns

Liturgical Commission

Preaching Commission

Various Documents/Articles

Historical Documents

Bulletin INFO/CLIOP (International Liturgical Commission of the Order of Preachers)


Other Languages

Bollettino INFO/CLIOP (in Italiano)



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