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Disruptive technologies introduced by the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" are transforming societies with unprecedented speed and in radically new way. They deeply impact the economy, the labor market, and health systems, communication networks, allocation of natural resources, finance, socialization processes and global governance. In addition to these societal upheavals, this technological revolution also has an effect on humanity, its self-understanding and its existence

We believe

We believe that disruptive technologies can be highly beneficial in improving living conditions and enhancing human life in many ways. We are also aware of the risks inherent in their implementation. That is why we have established the Human Technology Foundation. The goal of this initiative is to place the common good at the center of all decisions.


We act

The foundation manages and funds an international research network called OPTIC, aimed at discerning advantages and pitfalls of disruptive technologies, as well as defining and promoting a moral framework for each activity. Knowing that groundbreaking innovations are mainly developed in high-performing private laboratories, without reference to the humanities, the OPTIC network initiates an interdisciplinary dialog between leaders of the business and technology communities and senior scholars who strive to think about the human. Its global scale brings a multicultural dimension, making it possible to think beyond the framework of companies and microcosms.

Although its headquarters are in Rome, OPTIC is present in other relevant places including California, France, Switzerland, Canada and Mexico. This network supports decision-makers from the industrial world and advocates with international bodies such as the United Nations. OPTIC also advises ecclesial leaders and supports innovation.

Most of its activity is done by research teams that remain out of the spotlight, avoiding any publicity and allowing the work to proceed long-term. However the network managed by the Human Technology Foundation also organizes or sponsors public events as study days or hackathons, and publications. 


Among our achievements

Stimulating Thought

OPTIC Days are seminars exclusively for professionals aimed at defining the state of the art and identifying key issues for research groups. Some discussions are off-the-record and some are published by video.

Disruptive technologies‭: ‬Towards post-humanity‭?‬  Disruptive technologies: Towards post-humanity?

   Digital divide: how to keep society in the loop? 

 Digital healthcare: who takes care of us?

Stimulating innovation

For four years, OPTIC stimulates digital innovation by organizing hackathons. The aim is to help ideators and technologists select the best projects and to support their development. An incubation center was opened in San Francisco , and another is scheduled for Paris.  





Promoting dialogue between civil society, economic actors and governments  

Other events about Encryption and Human Rights, in Geneva, Human Rights Council on the United Nations. Co-organization of a Round Table on Artificial Intelligence, in Rome




Dominicans around the world









Les événements OPTIC




Hackathon OPTIC Paris Novembre 2016




MedicOPTIC day Paris Juin 2016




Side-event Chriffrement et Droits de l'Homme à Genève Juin 2016




OPTIC Day, inclusion et exclusion numériques Juin 2015




Hackathon OPTIC San Francisco juin 2015




OPTIC Day avril 2014