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Who we are:

Spem Miram Internationalis is an organization for solidarity for the Order of Preachers (the Dominicans) that supports and advances the charism entrusted to St. Dominic and his followers to give themselves to “the proclamation of the Word of God, preaching the name of our Lord Jesus Christ throughout the world (Pope Innocent III).”

From its earliest days, the Order of Preachers relied on the collaboration of many generous people that gave a home to the earliest Dominicans and offered a variety of resources to strengthen the life and mission the ‘holy preaching’.  For nearly 800 years, this fundamental formula continues to bear much fruit.

Spem Miram Internationalis, though a newly named organization, continues the tradition of offering financial support for scholarships, programs and projects that are rooted in the values of the Dominicans: preaching, education, human development, and advocacy for human rights.  Dominicans in their worldwide diverse ministries serve all people regardless of ethnicity or religion.

Petitions for Grants:

Financial support may be requested by members of the Order for scholarships, projects, or programs throughout the world.  To be considered for financial support, it is necessary that an application form be fully completed in English, French, or Spanish.  Please choose the appropriate form either for scholarships or for programs/projects.  An outline of the criteria we use to review request may be found here. The statutes for the funds may be found here.

The board of Spem Miram Internationalis meets twice a year in order to review requests for financial support.  Applications are due by the following dates: March 1st or September 1st. A response is given after the board meetings towards the end of either May for the petitions submitted by March 1st or at the end of November for the petitions submitted by September 1st.

For more information, please contact us at SpemMiram@op.org. To see the kinds of scholarships or projects or programs that we support, please visit us at www.SpemMiram.org.

Our Name:

The name, Spem Miram Internationalis, comes from the ancient hymn to St. Dominic, the “O, spem miram”.  It is a hymn about hope in the midst of grief. The intercession of St. Dominic is sought in the hymn in response to his last words before his death promising that he would continue to assist his sons and daughters.  It is “internationalis” because of the presence of Dominicans throughout all the regions of the world.

Our Logo: 

The logo is a design that includes an eight-pointed star in the lower right of the logo.  This star in the iconography for St. Dominic indicates Divine Wisdom or Divine Illumination that marked his preaching.