New Prior Provincial for the Province of Croatia

Brother Tomislav Kraljević, OP elected Prior Provincial of the Province of Croatia

At the elective provincial chapter, held at the convent of St Nicholas on the island of Korčula, the prior of the convent of Saint Dominic in Dubrovnik, Brother Tomislav Kraljević, OP was elected Prior Provincial of the Province of Croatia.

Br Tomislav Kraljević was born in 1970 in Prozor, Bosnia-Herzegovina.  He joined the Order of Preachers in Dubrovnik making his simple profession in 1990 and his solemn profession in 1994.  Having begun his theological studies in Zagreb, Br Tomislav obtained a diploma in theology in Toulouse, where he continued his studies and was ordained a deacon. He was ordained a priest on 29 June 1996 in Dubrovnik. He then received a licentiate in theology from the Faculty of Theology at the University of Fribourg.

Br Tomislav was the first prior of the convent of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in Zagreb and then the first pastor of the new parish of Blessed Augustine Kažotić in Zagreb (2001-2011). Beginning in 2011, he spent seven years directing the Croatian Catholic Mission in Paris, which had been taken over by the Province of Croatia. Since 2018, he has been prior of the convent of Saint Dominic in Dubrovnik. Br Tomislav is a well-known preacher, preaching spiritual retreats and frequently contributing to the media.

Br Tomislav succeeded Brother Slavko Slišković, OP, who served as Provincial for two terms beginning in 2016.

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