The first series of #Influencersop, ‘Voices of Hope for Peace’ has concluded

#Influencersop, “Voices of hope for peace”. The first digital preaching series on Instagram has concluded.

From 13 May, feast of Our Lady of Fatima, to 24 May, feast of the Translation of our Holy Father Dominic, the first phase of the #Influencersop preaching campaign, “Voices of Hope for Peace”, took placeNuns, sisters of apostolic life and friars participated in this first phase.

The objective of the digital preaching #Influencersop, “Voices of hope for peace” is to unite us as a Dominican Family to make our voice heard to the world. Therefore, we thank all the volunteers of the Dominican Family who are joining and sharing content of Dominican identity. In a scenario of dangers such as self-referentiality and egocentrism, it is a valuable testimony that each one of the brothers and sisters have offered their time and creativity, and are addressing their own family of Dominican men and women who follow the digital channels from the different missions in the world.

If you want to know more about them, you can visit them on our official Ordo_Praedicatorum Instagram account, #Influencersop, “Voices of hope for peace”.

Sr Mirella Soro, OP: “In this life I wish to walk with my brothers and sisters towards the embrace of the Father and I wish to contribute with prayer, study, our communion of life and preaching so that all may return to this embrace”. Sr Mirella Soro, OP, an Italian Dominican nun from the Monastery of Pratovecchio (Monastero di Santa Maria della Neve e San Domenico), Italy, spoke on the theme “The relevance of St. Catherine’s message today”.

Bro Max Cappabianca, OP: “I long for a life in abundance and I am happy to accompany people in their search for God”. Max Cappabianca, OP, son of the Province of St. Albert the Great in Germany and Austria, Chaplain of the University of Berlin and TV presenter (SAT.1 – German private national TV channel), addressed the topic “How to preach on TV”. Special thanks to Susanna Laux, Katholische Fernseh- und Hörfunkarbeit (KFHA Bonn) for her help in the production of the video.

José Jaime Pérez Lucio, OP: “I strive to transmit every day, in living together with the people around me, in preaching and study, the joy and hope that emanates from faith in the Risen Jesus. That is why I am convinced that theology is not a sterile discipline, but that it is called to open paths of peace and charity for those who live in fear, sadness and indifference”. Bro José Jaime Pérez Lucio, OP, a son of the Province of Mexico, who is studying for a Licentiate in Patristic Theology and History of the Ancient Church at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany, and who serves the Spanish-speaking Catholic community in Mainz and Rüsselsheim, spoke on the topic “Dominican theologians today”.

Sister Lucia Caram, OP: “When one contemplates the crucified of history, those martyred because of war, violence and hatred, there arises in our hearts this feeling of a praying Dominic, which is compassion. As Dominicans, we have to cry out and claim for peace. Sister Lucia Caram, OP, an Argentinian Dominican nun from the Convent of Santa Clara in Manresa, Spain, spoke on the theme “Peace in times of war”.

Bro Vincent Bernhard, OP: “The greatest challenge in the Christian life is to be loved by God and to allow him to intensify in you the gift of charity. This is my aim and the heart of my preaching, as I work for the salvation of souls as a son of St. Dominic”. Bro Vincent Bernhard, OP, son of the Province of St. Joseph in the United States, Chaplain of New York University, addressed the theme “Truth – Jubilee of St. Thomas Aquinas”.

Sister Patricia Turpo Meneses, OP: “I want to spend my life loving God, my brothers and sisters, and preaching for the salvation of souls”. Sister Patricia Turpo Meneses, OP, a Peruvian Dominican nun of the Dominican Congregation of the Immaculate Conception, pastoral agent and teacher, spoke on the theme “Trust in community life”.

Bro Cristiano Bhering, OP: “Promoting dialogue based on the intellectual tradition of the Order”. Bro Henrique-Cristiano Amaral Bhering de Lacerda, OP, Promoter of Formation and Intellectual Life, Regent of Studies of the Province of Bro Bartolomé de Las Casas in Brazil, spoke on the theme “The intellectual tradition in the Order of Preachers”.

“KAPATID_OP student brothers”. The student brothers of the Dominican Province of the Philippines presented the theme “How and where we preach”. KAPATID is a Marian promotion arm made up of four Filipinos, three Indonesians and two Sri Lankans. Vincentius Teguh Samudra, OP, Fr. Ari Rufinus Tlonaen, OP, Fr. Michael Dominic B. Vasco, OP, Fr. Wewalage Dilan Nimeshka Fernando, OP, Bro Warnakulasuriya Kavin Senesh Fernando, OP, Bro Augusto B. Cuaño III, OP, Bro. Augusto B. Cuaño III, OP, Bro Jhim E. Sambrano, OP, Bro June Eduard D. Mercede, OP, and Bro Alexander Darren Everest Ang, OP. Robertus Silveriano Raditya for his help in coordination.

Sister Natalia Motato Vinasco, OP: “My challenge in life is a constant search for happiness and joy, not only for myself, but to share with others. As a Dominican and a religious, I feel called to light the way for others, carrying the torch of hope and the Gospel to every corner of the world. My mission is to show that a new world is possible, one filled with compassion, understanding and solidarity. Through my actions and words, I aspire to inspire humanity, showing that goodness and love can prevail over adversity. In every gesture of generosity, in every word of comfort, I seek to proclaim and make known a message of renewal and faith, so that together we can build a more united and fraternal community”. Sister Natalia Motato Vinasco, OP, a Colombian Dominican nun of the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena, student of the Licentiate in Theology at the University of St. Thomas and teacher of religion at the Colegio Nuestra Señora del Rosario in Floridablanca, Santander, spoke on the topic “The Holy Rosary and the Order of Preachers”.

Ronald Fajardo, OP: “To always have God as the absolute centre, to seek truth, authenticity, fullness, justice, love and happiness, and to share all this with others on this beautiful journey of life. Therefore, the challenge is to always keep looking for the traces of beauty, truth, goodness, justice and love that God leaves in the world”. Bro Ronald Fajardo, OP, a son of the Province of St. Vincent Ferrer in Central America, who is in his last year of his Licentiate in Canon Law and teaches at the School of Theology in Salamanca, Spain, spoke on the theme “St. Dominic in the New World”.

Sister Elaine Castro Matheuz, OP: “In a world full of conflicts and challenges, preaching becomes a beacon of hope. Preaching is centred on mercy. In this land of conflicts, but also land of grace, we bring to life prophetic preaching which is characterised by three aspects: the preacher renounces, denounces and announces. He renounces false humanist projects, denounces those things that dehumanise and announces Christ’s message of salvation”. Sister Elaine Castro Matheuz, OP, a Venezuelan Dominican nun, Secretary General of the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of St. Rose of Lima – Venezuelan Foundation, in charge of the media and of the Preaching Dimension, Children and Youth Groups of the Congregation, dealt with the topic “How to preach in a land of conflicts”.

Bro John Gabriel Seiglie, OP: “Seeking to love Christ and to help others to know his love”. Bro Juan Gabriel Seiglie, OP, son of the Province of St. Martin de Porres in the United States, student of the Aquinas Institute of Theology, spoke on “Pastoral challenges for a young Dominican”.

The voices of hope for peace of our #Influencersop will be continued in the month of Santo Domingo (August) and also in the month of the Rosary (October). Therefore, we encourage the influencers of the Dominican Family to contact us at

We thank the Dominican Family for following the contents of the digital channels of Ordo Praedicatorum and also for their participation in the different events. Don’t forget to put our #Influencersop under the mantle of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary.

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