Update News as of July 2022

We have received a graphic video of a beheading that was reported to have occurred on February 19,2022 a gruesome barbaric act in Magwe Division, Myain Township, Myanmar in the village of Nya Sanggyi. The name of the victim was initially known to be Mananda – She was accused of helping the PDF against the Military coup but was simply helping distribute food and clothing to poor people.

On the night of June 12th, 2022, the Terrorist Military Council troops raided a Catholic church called St. Mateo (Matthew) in Daw He Khu village, Phruso Township, Karenni State. Troops used the church as a camp during the fight. On the 15th, 2022, a Catholic church was set on fire, including a clergy house and a parish hall. One priest said, “It is intentionally touched because the fire began when the troops left the church. I am very frustrated.” One parish priest near Dawe Khu parish explained, “I am not sure even my parish is affected as well cause no one dares to make the close observation. Nevertheless, I am sure that parishioners are affected mentally and physically.” Another priest expressed bravely, “This is the act of atrocity. no sense of humanity!”

The coup used the church named Holy Mother of God from 16 July to 19 during the fight. They used the church as a camp and destroyed the glasses of the Church, scattered the hosts and other holy items. The Church is located in Moebye town in Shan State. It is under the Diocese of Pekhon.

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