The Master of the Order, Fr Bruno Cador, OP has just reappointed Fr. Adriano Oliva, OP as the president of the Leonine Commission for another term of 4 years. Fr. Oliva is from the Roman Province of St Catherine of Sienna.

The Leonine Commission was established in 1880 by Pope Leo XIII as a special apostolate of the Dominican Order. The aim of this commission is to produce critical editions (not just mere translations) of all the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas. In this task of producing a critical edition, the commission seeks to restore to its final form the original Latin texts as it came from the authors pen. This entails a critique of all extant manuscripts, so as to select the best witnesses and to eliminate the weak ones.

Fr. Adriano Oliva, OP was born on the 20th of October, 1964. He entered the Order as a young man and made his first profession in 1987. At the completion of his basic formation, he was ordained to the priesthood in 1991. He has a doctorate in theology and he is an expert on historical texts and the works of St. Thomas Aquinas in particular. Apart from being the president of the Leonine Commission, he is also a member of the council of the library of Saulchoir and a research fellow at the Institute for the Research of Texts and their History, Paris. Although he is from the Roman Province of St Catherine of Sienna, Fr Oliva is currently living and working at Paris in the Province of France which is the seat of the commission. From the curia, we wish him a successful tenure.