Leonine Commission

Leonine Commission

The Leonine Commission is a group of researchers in charge of the critical edition of the complete works of Thomas Aquinas.

Founded by Pope Leo XIII on October 15, 1879 (more info) and very soon afterwards entrusted to the Dominicans, this project came to be known as the Leonine. During its first period, from 1879 to 1949, the Leonine published sixteen volumes of unequal value.

Reorganized during the years 1949-1952, and established in Paris in 2003, the Leonine Commission has continued its activity of research and edition. Twenty two volumes of much higher critical quality have been published so far, based on exhaustive searches for manuscripts, photographic reproductions of manuscripts, and stricter critical methods.

The list of available volumes may be consulted here: more info, and the list of works in progress may be found here: more info.

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