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International Volunteering Program
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Dominican Month for Peace - Amazon 2023

Fr. Jarosław describes the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the fear and unrest it has caused.
"When I wrote my previous letter from Ukraine at the beginning of August, no one expected that the world would soon be watching with surprise and pain the events of another war. This time, war in the territory of the state of Israel in the Gaza Strip. The media bore the information about thousands of dead and wounded civilians, including women and children, along with the drama of kidnapped hostages. The horror of the military conflict is repeating itself before our eyes in such a short amount of time. The war in Ukraine that’s been dragging on month after month is no longer an interesting subject for many around the world, and news from the Dnipro River rarely appears on the front pages of the world’s media. Even in Ukraine you can pick up on a certain level of exhaustion, sometimes accompanied by irritation and anger. But despite 627 long days of war drama, I still cannot detect any attitude of resignation, apathy, or surrender — maybe because we’re all aware that the stakes in this war are very high, and its conclusion will shape the future of the Ukrainian nation..."

Anniversary of the war in Ukraine

from Ukraine

Letter to the Dominican Family on the anniversary of the war in Ukraine

Month for Peace

Litany of the Dominican Saints

Letter of the Master of the Order

2023-2025: the two jubilee years of St Thomas Aquinas

2023-2025: Two Jubilee Years of St. Thomas Aquinas

Plenary Indulgence

From 28 January 2023 to 28 January 2025, the doube jubilee of the canonisation and death of St. Thomas Aquinas is celebrated.
On this occasion, the Apostolic Penitentiary granted the concession of a Plenary Indulgence "to the well-disposed faithful who will participate in the Eucharistic celebrations organized by the Dominican Family in our churches and schools on the occasion of the jubilee of the canonization and death of St. Thomas Aquinas (from January 28, 2023 to January 28, 2025), as well as to the faithful who will make pilgrimages to the churches, shrines and oratories under his patronage".
Each entity of the Order can already announce it publicly, providing the necessary catechesis on the meaning of the Indulgence and on the conditions prescribed by the Church for its reception.

Start Date:

End date:

Letter of the Master of the Order

Rescript of the Apostolic Penitentiary

Prædicator Gratiæ: Letter of the Holy Father to the Master of the Order of Preachers for the 8th Centenary of the death of St. Dominic of Caleruega
Prædicator Gratiæ: Holy Father's Letter for the Jubilee of St. Dominic
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Reflections from the Master of the Order on the Pope's letter

Reflections from the Dominican Family on the Pope's letter

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