Youth Movement

We are young people attracted by the Dominican vocation, willing to announce the Gospel from the spirituality and charisma of the Order of Preachers; motivated by prayer, study and fraternal life in the common and permanent mission of preaching, as lay people who bring the Spirit of Christ to different realities and contexts.

Cfr. Statutes IDYM-MJD 2017, 1.1.

Who we are?

Somos jóvenes atraidos por la vocación dominicana, dispuestos a anunciar el Evangelio desde la espiritualidad y el carisma de la Orden de Predicadores; motivados por la oración, el estudio y la vida fraterna en la misión común y permanente de la predicacion, como laicos que llevamos el Espiritu de Cristo a las diferentes realidades y contextos. (Cfr. Estatutos IDYM-MJD 2017, 1.1)

Where are we?

Countries Groups Members
EUROPE 5 17 386
AFRICA 11 32 777
TOTAL / FEB 2023 30 124 3.052

Do you want to join the Youth Movement?

The movement is open, welcoming and eager to share its spirit and mission with other young people.

We are organized in groups in each country with the support of the Dominican Family.

We are under the responsibility of the Prior Provincial, the Vice-Provincial or Vicar, or the Prioress General or Provincial Superior of a Dominican Congregation.

Some historical date

1216 On 22 December Pope Honorius III approves the Order of Friars Preachers.
1993 The Master of the Order, fr Timothy Radcliffe (1992-2001), promotes the creation of the International Dominican Youth Movement.
1996 World Meeting of Dominican Youth, León (Spain).
1998 The General Chapter of Bologna (Italy) recognized the Dominican Youth Movement as a member of the Dominican Family.
1998 General Assembly, Maynooth (Ireland).
2000 General Assembly, Rome (Italy).
2002 General Assembly, Tolosa (Spain).
2004 General Assembly, Manila (Philippines)
2006 General Assembly, Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic).
2009 General Assembly, Fatima (Portugal).
2011 General Assembly, Rome (Italy).
2013 General Assembly, Bogotá (Colombia).
2015 The Master of the Order, fr Bruno Cadoré (2010-2019), approves the integration of a representative of the IDYM in the International Council for Justice and Peace.
2016 General Assembly, Toulouse (France).
2017 On March 25, the Master of the Order, fr Bruno Cadoré (2010-2019), promulgated the Statutes of the International Council of IDYM-MJDI.
2019 On May 15, the Master of the Order, fr Bruno Cadoré (2010-2019), approved the Statutes of the International Commission of the Dominican Family, in which the Promoter General for the Laity and the International Coordinator of IDYM-MJDI participate.
2020 General Assembly in Nairobi (Africa) is postponed because of the pandemic COVID-19.
2022 Virtual Elective General Assembly. Planning and implementation of the Assembly to elect new officers to the IDYM International Commission for 2022-2026 took place during the months of June through August.
2023 General Assembly, Lisbon (Portugal). Commemoration of the 30 year anniversary of the IDYM and the centenary of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati’s entry into the Order, celebrated within the context of WYD2023.
2023 The Master of the Order, fr. Gerard Timoner (2019-2028), approves the modifications to the IDYM Statute (2017).

International and Regional Council

  • At the international level there is the Dominican Youth Movement Council (IDYM-MJDI), in which we are represented by each of the five regions: Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia-Pacific, Europe and United States-Canada.
  • The International Council has the mission of promoting and strengthening communion and participation among the Youth Movements, in order to achieve a more effective preaching of the Gospel in accordance with the signs of the times.
  • In each country there are national coordinators who, together with their councils, group together the different provinces, vice-provinces and vicariates, whose main objective is to live in communion and participation with the Dominican Family in different ways, in dialogue and sharing permanently with the culture of each country or region, with the desire to dedicate ourselves to preaching through the spirituality and charism of the Order of Preachers. (Cfr. Statutes IDYM-MJD 2017,Preamble)
  • Members
Carlos BELTRÁN Coordinator
Cristina Expósito DE VINCENTE Promotor of Formation
Madelen Jaimes HURTADO Promotor of Mission
Humberto Jesús RICO CAMACHO Promotor of Communications
Isioma CHUKWUKA-NWODO Promotor of Finance
fr. Cristóbal Torres IGLESIAS General Promoter for the Laity
  • Statutes of IDYM
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