Convent of Santa Sabina

The community of Santa Sabina lives in a convent of great historical and artistic value, located on the Aventine Hill. The site became linked to the Dominicans in 1219 when it was entrusted to Dominic by Pope Honorius III.

About thirty Dominican friars reside there. Most of them work for the General Curia of the Order of Preachers and accompany the Master of the Order during his nine-year term. These are the Councillors, the Procurator General, the Secretary General and the Syndic of the Order who participate together in the meetings of the Council of the General Curia which are held in the convent, but also the promoters of the Order, the Postulator of the Order and his Secretary, the Archivist of the Order and the Director of the Historical Institute of the Order. The rector and the sacristan of the Basilica of Santa Sabina look after the numerous activities taking place in this prestigious early Christian church. Finally, the site also hosts some Dominicans friars during their studies in Rome. With the help of the conventual syndic, this community of twenty-four nationalities devotes itself to the entire Order of Preachers.

The site also hosts a community of Filipino Dominican sisters who are assigned to the service of the General Curia.

Every day, the friars and sisters who are not away for work meet in the basilica for prayer.

The community welcomes many visitors, who come to visit the site, to celebrate their wedding, to pray in the cell of St. Dominic or to attend various meetings.

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