A Priestly Fraternity at Beaufort Monastery in France

Second meeting to launch a priestly fraternity at the Monastery of Beaufort in France

From 3 to 4 December 2023, the second meeting for the founding of a priestly fraternity took place at the Beaufort Monastery in Plerguer, France, with Father Guillaume Le Floc’h, Brother Thibault du Pontavice, OP, Father Pierre-Emmanuel Bouchaud, and myself present. We met again after Vespers in order for Father Guillaume, Father Pierre-Emmanuel and myself to go over the rule of the priestly fraternities. Brother Thibault joined us for lunch and, after washing up, we shared some sweets.

On Monday morning after Mass, we met with the Prioress, Sister Anne-Samuel, OP, to discuss what the fraternity and the monastery could expect and bring to each other. The nuns prayerfully support the intention that these priests will also be members of the Dominican Family by the foundation of this new fraternity.

As members of the fraternity, these priests will actively participate in the charism of the Order through their preaching mission.  They will also periodically come to the monastery to share a moment of reflection, to preach and to preside at the Eucharist.

From time to time, a sister may meet with the fraternity to present a figure of the Order. For this purpose, the book “Saint Dominique et sa Mission” (Saint Dominic and his Mission) by Father Gianni Festa, OP, and Brother Augustin Laffay, OP, will be used to bring them closer to the figure of Dominic of Caleruega.

Their novitiate will begin at their next meeting on February 11 and 12. They will meet again on March 24 and 25, 2024. During these retreats, Monday mornings will be devoted to a time of individual reading, the subject of which will then be used for an open dialogue. This spiritual experience will continue until Vespers.

Brother Guillaume will be in charge of the organisation of the next meetings in coordination with the monastery, while Brother Thibault will be responsible for the meal on Sunday evening and the schedule for Monday morning.

Alain Bossard was the driving force behind the setting up of the fraternity. It would be good if he could participate from time to time in a meeting to represent this other branch of the Dominican Order.

Brother Antoine de la Fayolle, OP
Prior of the Convent of Rennes

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