The Dominican Youth Movement (IDYM) was born in 1993 when fr. Timothy Radcliffe was Master of the Order. It was founded with the spirit to be the community of communities of Dominican youth, gathering youth preachers willing to announce the Gospel to other youth following St Dominic’s path, but adapting to the reality and context in which each group is present.

The movement is currently present in 35 countries and reunites over 5.000 active young members. We’re the “young branch” of Dominican Family, and – as Dominican youth – we have the desire to be organized as a movement in which we’re able to grow and share the pillars of Dominican life (preaching, community, study and prayer) in our local communities, but also at national and international levels, as well as strengthening bonds with sisters, friars, lay and nuns, with whom we share and grow constantly.

The movement is open, welcoming and willing to share its spirit with other youth and young adults ages 18-35.

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 Piazza Pietro d'Illiria, 1 | 00153 Roma | Italy


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