Brother Diego Orlando Serna Salazar, O.P.

The Province of San Luis Bertrán of Colombia is pleased to announce the election of its new Provincial Prior to Chiquinquirá on the 5thof November 2018 for a four-year term. It wishes that his duties to the Dominicans of Colombia will be blessed by the Grace in his task of evangelization in the Colombian church.

Brother Diego Orlando Serna Salazar, O.P., is the new Provincial Prior of the Dominicans of Colombia, Province of San Luis Bertrán of Colombia, and the 128th Provincial since 1528.
He is the son of Luis Gonzaga and Dolly, born in Manizales (Cal.) On the 19thof October 1969, and the third child of the family, which has seven in all.

He donned the Dominican habit on the 8thof July 1988, made his first profession on the 1stof July 1989 and his solemn profession on the 1stof July 1994. He was ordained a priest on the 3rdof November 1996 in Bogota.
The new Provincial Prior holds a degree in Philosophy and literature from the Santo Tomás University; Specialist in Theology from the Javeriana University, in Education and Management of Higher Education Institutions of Santo Tomás University and Magisterin Education of Javeriana University.

He has been assigned to the following convents: Santo Domingo and San José of Bogota, Enrique Lacordaire of Medellin, Santo Domingo of Tunja, Santo Domingo of Villavicencio and Cristo Rey of Bucaramanga. He has worked in the provincial offices as: Professor of pre-novices and students, Vice-Chancellor of the colleges Jordán of Sajonia and Santo Tomás de Aquino of Bogota, Vicar of the parish Our Lady of Chiquinquirá in Bogotá and Chaplain of Mother Teresa Titos Garzón college, Administrator of the convent of San José, Superior of the house fr. José de Calasanz Vela of Villavicencio, Prior of the Convent of San José of Bogota, Definitor of the Provincial Chapter of Tunja in 2000 and Socius of the Definitor of the Elective General Chapter celebrated in Rome in 2010, member of the property Committee and the Provincial Economic Council . He directed the pre-novitiate constructions in Tunja, the convent of Santo Domingo of Villavicencio and the first phase of Santo Tomás University in the same city.

At Santo Tomas University, he served as Academic Vice Rector and the Headquarters of Tunja and Bucaramanga. Dean of the Human Sciences Division at Tunja Headquarters; Dean of division and director of the regional centres of VUAD in the headquarters of Medellin and Villavicencio; Director of the FIUSTA Institutional Fund; Vice-Rector, General Finance and Member of the Boards of Founders, Superior, Academician General and General Administrator.

At the time of his election, he was Prior of the convent of San José and Vice-Rector of the College Santo Tomás de Aquino in Bogota.

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