Vatican Issues Postage Stamp to Mark the 750th Anniversary of the Death of St Thomas Aquinas

On 21 May 2024, the Vatican Post Office and Philatelic Office issued a postage stamp to commemorate the 750th anniversary of the death of Saint Thomas Aquinas, on 7 March 1274. The series issued by the Vatican, with a print run of 44,000 stamps, was produced at the Royal Joh. Enschedé in the Netherlands. Each sheet consists of ten stamps, in four-colour offset, 30 x 40 mm.

Saint Thomas Aquinas, the son of the Count of Aquinas, was born in the castle of Roccaseca (Italy) in 1225. He received his first religious and scientific education at the abbey of Montecasino and then went to the University of Naples. There, at the age of sixteen he met Friar John of Saint Julian and began to frequent the community of the Friars Preachers sparking the discovery of his vocation to the apostolic life. At the age of nineteen he entered the Order of Preachers. At the request of John Teutonicus, Master of the Order, Thomas completed his studies in Paris and Cologne, under the guidance of Brother Albert the Great. At the age of thirty-two he became master of the chair of theology in Paris. He wrote many works remarkable for their depth. After Paris, he taught in Rome and Naples, and upon his death, left us the Summa Theologica and many other works. He died in the abbey of Fossanova on 7 March 1274 on his way to the Council of Lyon. He was canonised on 18 July 1323 by John XXII. On 11 April 1567, St. Pius V declared him a Doctor of the Church, and on 4 August 1880, Leo XIII proclaimed him patron of all Catholic universities and schools.

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