New Socius of the Master of the Order for Asia and the Pacific

Amirtha Raj Mannes, OP

The Master of the Order, brother Gérard Francisco TIMONER III, O. P., appointed fr. Raj Mannes AMIRTHA, O.P. as the new socius for Asia and the Pacific.

Fr. Raj Mannes was born on 21 March 1953, made profession in the Order of Preachers on 20 June 1974 and was ordained a priest on 26 October 1980.

As a new socius, fr. Raj Mannes AMIRTHA O.P. tells us: “Being the socius of the Master of the Order for Asia and the Pacific is a great opportunity to serve the Order and reach as many brothers as possible with the help of God and under the guidance of Saint Dominic”.

He has worked as a formator in all stages of formation; he has been a pastor in five parishes; he has worked with three provincials on the provincial council; he has spent most of his time in the ministry of preaching; he has been resident professor in three major seminaries and guest professor in six seminaries; he has worked in the organization of the Conference of Religious in different Indian dioceses. He has also had the opportunity to be one of the facilitators of the Asia-Pacific Joint Studies Programme.

We ask God to bless brother Raj and support him in his new role in the service of the church.

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