The Master of the Order, fr Bruno Cador has convoked the next General Chapter which will take place in the city of Bologna, Italy from the 16th of July 2016.
In accordance with LCO 413 11, he has written a letter of convocation to the entire Dominican family. According to his letter, the choice of the venue of the next Chapter is in accordance with the mandate of the last Chapter of Trogir 2013. Therefore, the next Chapter shall be a General Chapter of Provincials and it shall take place at our Patriarchal Convent of St Dominic in Bologan of the Province of St Dominic in Italy.
The Chapter is expected to start with the celebration of the Mass of the Holy Spirit after which the capitular friars will proceed to set the programme and procedure. It is also hoped that the Chapter will close on the 4th of August, the day the Solemnity of St Dominic is celebrated in Bologna. However, this will be determined by the programme of the Chapter.
Fr Roberto Giorgis of the Province of St Dominic in Italy shall be the Secretary General of the Chapter.
As preparations are now in top gear for the Chapter, the Master is calling on all members of the Dominican family to pray for the success of the Chapter. All are expected to offer Masses and intercessory prayers during the Divine Office for the Chapter.

(04 December 2015)