The Master of the Order, fr Bruno Cador has conferred the Magistrum in Sacra Theologia (MST) on fr Jan Andrzej Kloczowski. He is of the Province of Poland.
Fr Jan was born in 1937 in Warsaw. Before joining the Order, he had a Masters Degree in History of Art from the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan (1960). He was teaching and preparing for his doctorate at the Catholic University of Lublin when he joined the Order in 1963.
After his basic formation in Philosophy and Theology, he finally got his Doctorate in Philosophy from the Catholic University of Lublin. He joined the Faculty of Philosophy at the Pontifical Academy of John Paul II where he is still a member of the faculty and the head of the Department of Philosophy of Religion. In 1995, he was awarded the title of Professor. He has been the Rector of the Dominican College of Philosophy and Theology, Krakow (1990-1998) and the Regent of Studies of the Polish Province (1990-2006).
Due to his involvement in the anti-communist movement, he has received two great national awards; the Commanders Cross of Order of Polonia Restituta and the Gold Cross of Merit.
Although he official retired in 2007, he has remained active in researches and reflections on a wide range of philosophical and religious issues; spirituality, mysticism, morality, phenomenology, hermeneutics and the heritage of Thomas Aquinas. Annually, he organizes international conferences on these issues. He has been and is still a member of several national and international academic commissions and also involved with the editorial of several philosophical and religious publications.
He has published numerous books, among which are;
Czlowiek Bogiem czlowieka. Filozojiczny kontekst interpretacji religii w mysli Ludwika Feuerbacha [Man as Man’s God Philosophical Context of Interpreting Religion in the Works by Ludwig Feuerbach], Lublin: KUL, 1979.
Wittcej nit mit. Leszka Kolakowskiego 5pory o religif;. [More than a Myth. Leszek Kolakowski’s Disputes on Religion], Krakow: Znak, 1993.
Szkola duchowosci [The School of Spirituality], Poznan: W drodze, 2003.
Filozojia dialogu [The Philosophy of Dialogue], Poznan: W drodze, 2005.
Czego chrzescijanie nie wiedzq o chrzeicijm1stwie [What the Christians do not know
about Christianity], Krakow: Wydawnictwo eSPe, 2005.

(16 September 2014)