Fr Rafael Colom Angelats has been elected as the Vicar Provincial of the Vicariate of the Province of Hispania in South America. This happened at the first Elective Chapter of the friars of Uruguay and Paraguay held at Montevideo, Uruguay.
Fr Rafael was born in 1956 at La Granada, Barcelona, Spain. He made his religious profession in the Order in 1976 at Valencia and was ordained to the priesthood 1982 at Coban, Guatemala. He has degrees in Theology and Psychology and has been involved in various pastoral and academic apostolates. Before his election, he was the Prior and Master of Students at the Convent of San Jos, Buenos Aires.
The following brothers were also elected into the Vicariate Council; Fr Fernando Sola, Fr Santiago Fernandez, Fr Edgar Amado Toledo and Fr Ramn Figueras.

(9 February 2016)