The brothers of the Province of Slovakia have just reelected Fr Reginald Adrian Slavkovsky as their provincial. He was elected at their 3rd Provincial Chapter at Zvolen. The Master of the Order, fr Bruno Cador has confirmed the elected and fr Reginald has in turn accepted the election.
Fr Reginald was born in Koice in 1963. He joined the Order and made his first religious profession in 1991. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1996. Before entering the Order, he studied Mathematical Analysis at MFF UK, Bratislava. Since after his ordination, he has studied at and has been a professor of Systematic Philosophy at CMTF UP, Olomouc in Trnava.
This will be his second term in office. He was first elected provincial in 2009. At the same Provincial Chapter, the following were elected as diffinitors; frs Dominika Romana Letza, Benedikta Roberta Hajasa, Gabriela Petra Huncagu and Damiana Juraja Macura. We wish them all success as they shepherd the affairs of the province for the next four years.