Fr Scott Steinkerchner has been the Promoter General of the Internet in the Order since 2006, though he also had this position between 1997 and 1999. He has just completed his tenure. He is from the central province of St Albert the Great, USA.
He was born in 1961. He made his profession in the Order in 1990 and was ordained in 1998. Before he joined the Order, he used to design computer chips. Until recently, Fr Scott has been the pilot of the Orders flight into the new age of the internet. He has worked tremendously to put the order on the web by helping to design, host and manage many of the Orders websites. He also saw to the smooth running of the network at Santa Sabina. He remains an invaluable internet assets to the Order.
To streamline the communication operations of the Order under one umbrella, the Master is merging the office of the Promoter of the Internet with that of the Promoter for Social Communication headed by fr Eric Salobir.
Since fr Scott had worked mainly from his base in the USA where he taught theology, he will continue teaching but will move to Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin. We want to express our health felt gratitude to him for his enormous contribution to the technological awakening of the Order from Santa Sabina. We wish him well in his endeavours.